Italy ItAF Tornado credit Aeronautica Militare 640Tornado preserved Accademia at Pozzuoli (NA)

On 5 november 2023, the Scuola Militare Accademia Aeronautica (SMAA) at Pozzuoli near Naples celebrated their 100th anniversary. The SMAA is a military institute with the higher education of a university nature which has the task of providing the recruitment and training of young people who aspire to become Air Force Officers. By attending the Academy's Regular Courses you can for example become a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force.

For the 100th anniversary festivity, Tornado IDS MM7023/6-63 (c/n 250/IS022/5032) was unveiled on the premisis near the welcome board.

Developed from the Multi Role Combat Aircraft, the ‘European’ designed Panavia Tornado was destined to supplement the ground attack Lockheed F-104S Starfighter allowing displaced aircraft to be assigned to the air-defence role. Deliveries to operational units in the Aeronautica Militare (ItAF, Italian Air Force) started in 1982.

This particular Tornado was built in the Alenia Aeronautica plant at Caselle near Turin as part of the 3rd batch and was flown by the 6° Stormo, 36° Stormo and 50° Stormo. De last operator was the 6° Stormo ‘Diavoli Rossi’ (Red Devils) based at Piacenza Air Base. On 2 February 2023, It made its last flight to Cameri Air Base and was withdrawn from use. It was displayed as such at the Manifestazione Aerea del Centenario 2023 at Pratica di Mare Air Base near Rome in June this year.

Credit photo: Aeronautica Militare

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