Dominican Republic FARD UH 1H II 3074 credit FARD 640Two more Super Huey IIs for the Dominican Republic

The Fuerza Aerea Republica Dominicana (FARD, Dominican Republic Air Force) is in the process of receiving a batch of six additional Bell UH-1H Super Huey IIs. Two of these helicopters, with serials 3072 and 3073, were delivered on 5 December 2022, two more are currently being readied for delivery, one of these wears serial 3074.

The two first helicopters wore the distinctive white colours and blue cheatline of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). However, serial 3074 wore the distinctive black colours and a golden cheatline of the US Customs and Border Patrol (Air and Marine Operations). This service is currently retiring its Super Huey IIs.

The US civil aviation register lists both N72593 (ex 70-16452, c/n 12757) and N72595 (ex 73-21769, c/n 13457) as cancelled to the Dominican Republic on 15 December 2022, making these prime candidates for the two new UH-1H-II for the FARD.

Dominican Republic FARD EdR patch 320In 2004, the FARD already received its first batch of eight Super Huey IIs, while some of its Hueys delivered as far back as 1983 have received a Garlick-upgrade to UH-1H+. Two more Super Huey IIs are expected within two months in the Dominican Republic. All FARD Super Huey IIs serve with the Escuadron de Rescate (Rescue Squadron) at San Isidro.

The FARD is also likely to receive some two-engine helicopters, for which three Bell 212/UH-1Ns are mentioned, but not confirmed.

Photo by Fuerza Aerea Republica Dominicana

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