Beauvechain (Bevekom)

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City Beauvechain
Position 50°45'31"N 004°46'06"E
Runway(s) 04/22
Elevation 370ft


Beauvechain (or Bevekom in Flemish) is home to the training fleet of the Belgian Forces. In June 2004, the Alpha Jet fleet of 11e Escadrille/11de Smaldeel was relocated to Cazaux air base, France, forming the French-Belgian Alpha Jet School (AJetS). After the withdrawal from service of the last Fouga CM170 Magisters, 5 and 9 Escadrilles/Smaldelen, both flying the SF260, were left as the only residents. They received new company however, when the Belgian Forces armed helicopter fleet relocated from Liège to Beauvechain: all of the A109 units, condensed in the 1 Wing Heli, now operate from this base.


The air base features parallel runways. There are small shelter areas on the southwest, southeast, and northwest side. Lastly, the northeast side holds the 1st Wing Historical Centre museum.

Getting There

The closest motorway exit is exit 24 of the A3/E40 (Brussels-Liège). From here, follow the signs towards Beauvechain to arrive at the top of our map via the Rue de Wavre. A good alternative from the southwest is taking exit 8 of the A4/E411 (Brussels-Namur) and following the N25 to Grez-Doiceau. From there, pick up the N240 towards Jodoigne and you will enter the map in the lower left corner.

Around the Airport

1Western approach

From the N91 you can read serials of landing aircraft. The aircraft are a bit high for photography though.

2Shelter area

From the N240 (towards Jodoigne) you can see the southern shelter area where you might be able to read off some aircraft.

3La Bruyère

From spot 2, follow the Rue de la Grande Lecke to La Bruyère. In the village, turn left towards the field at Place de la Bruyère. From here you can photograph aircraft on the taxiway. This is, however, not appreciated by local authorities as there is a designated spotter's place (spot 4).

4Spotter's place

At the designated spotters' area near finals for both runways 22, landing aircraft can be photographed with 200-300 mm.

5North side

From spot 4, drive into Beauvechain and take the first road to the left. This leads to several dirt tracks from where you can view different ramps and read off some serials.

Trans Avia Export Il-76 EW-78779 parked between the holdings of 22L and 22R. Photo taken from spot 4, illustrating the clear view over the field. (Ard de Zeeuw)


359.825 / 130.375Ground
231.500 / 130.725Tower
122.100Ground / Tower
282.100 / 122.825Approach
299.900 / 129.325Belga Radar
306.600Belga Radar
378.525 / 276.850Precision Approach Radar
123.300Precision Approach Radar
373.55Belga Info


FA-18F-16A, stored,
eventually due to be at the gate
ST-14SF260MB, pole mounted,
on base behind sqn hangars
1st Wing Historical CentreVarious preserved aircraft, opened 1st and 3rd sunday of the month 13.00-18.00 or by prior arrangement

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