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City Koksijde
Position 51°05'25"N 002°39'11"E
Runway(s) 11/29
Elevation 20ft


Koksijde is well known for the yearly air show but also hosts the Sea Kings and Alouette 3 of 40sq. Visitors can be seen regularly over here. By 2018, the Sea King will have been replaced by the NH90-NFH of which four are ordered. The first have already been delivered.


Koksijde is quite huge, although the north eastern part has fallen into disuse. The regular air show static is always on the north side, whereas the flightline is on the south side then.

Getting There

From highway A18/E40 take exit 1 towards Veurne (N8).

Around the Airport


Follow the N8 that leads from the highway-exit to Veurne. After Veurne, follow direction Koksijde. After you have passed the airfield on your right, turn right at the roundabout into the Robbert Vandammestraat. After 300 meters you will find the two preserved aircraft on your left which are good positioned for making pictures.

2Western approach

Drive back towards the roundabout and take the third turn into the N8/Ten Bogaerdelaan. The approach will appear on your left hand-side. You can park your car at the local aero club. The helicopter ramp can be viewed from here. Landing shots can be taken with 200-300 mm.

3Visitors ramp

When your car is parked at the aeroclub, you can walk down the Ten Bogaerdelaan or park your car at the industrial estate a bit further on you right. Whenever aircraft are parked at the ramp at the south side of the airfield, you can take pictures of these with about 100 - 200mm.

4Eastern approach

To reach the eastern approach, follow the N8 into Veurne from the highway exit. From Veurne, take the "Conterdijk" that runs parallel to the canal. Just before you reach the airfield, there is a small road to the left, called the Burgweg. This leads to a bridge from where pictures on the taxi track can be made with around 200 mm. Landing shots can be done with 300 mm. Walking down the Burgweg during the annual air show to a position more towards the base can result in spectacular pictures.

spot 4

Spot 4 is a very nice place to have a view on the taxi track but you can also take brilliant landing shots as is shown here. Photo Walter van Bel


From spot 2 the aircraft are positioned a bit higher compared to your position. Photo Walter van Bel


231.800 (122.100)Tower (alt)
235.050 / 122.500Approach
278.678 / 338.275Precision approach radar
123.300Precision approach radar (alt)
373.550 / 129.325Belga Info
123.100SAR operations


B4/OT-ZKDHSS-1, preserved on airfield
B8/OT-ZKHHSS-1, at barracks at spot 1
ID123/7J-PHunter F4, at barracks at spot 1
SG KoksijdeThe website of Spotting Group Koksijde with up-to-date lists of movements and more

Order of Battle Belgium

Belgian Air Component

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