Brasilia - Pres.Juscelino Kubitschek Intl

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Last Validated Aug 2006
City Brasilia, DF
Position 15°51'46"S 047°54'46"W
Runway(s) 11L/29R, 11R/29L
Elevation 3479 ft


The airport of Brasilia has recently gained a second runway. This opened up some extra opportunities but makes it more difficult to keep track of everything obviously. The airport also hosts the VIP transport unit of the Brazilian air force and a small military terminal for transport and ferry flights into the Amazon region as well.

Brasilia is not a home base for any airline and no international long haulers arrive here. However, many national companies can be considered regular guests: Abaeté Linhas Aéreas, BRA, GOL, Ocean Air, Passaredo, TAM, Total, and VARIG. Moreover, some biz jet, air taxi, and helicopter activity can be expected from the western ramp area as well.


The terminal building is situated between the two runways. To the east of the terminal and south of runway 11L/29R is the main FAB area with a large platform and hangar. GTE and 6°ETA operate from there.

Getting There

The airport is called Juscelino Kubitcheck and it is south of town. From Brasília take the road towards Goiana, either DF-003 or DF-002, and follow the signs. You will have to cross DF-025 road and get onto DF-047.

Around the Airport

1Terminal fly-over

The northern ramp of the fly-over offers some views of the overflow ramp. It also provides a view of runway 11L/29R albeit distant and for a short moment during take-off or landing.

2Gas station 11L and bizramp

Following the fly-over down you will see a gas station. You can walk around it and find a spot near the car wash. Views from taxiing aircraft to and from 11L are possible. This is not ideal for photography, poles, fence line, parked airport stuff, and parked aircraft are sometimes in the way and it is a bit far as well. Walking a bit southward along the fence will offer views of the executive and small aircraft ramps.

3Threshold 11L

By taking the Aeroporto road to Brasilia and making a right just after the ramps and hangars you can drive back to the airfield along the perimeter fence. From here you can view and photograph the threshold of runway 11L. This road is an airport road and might not always be accessible.

4Taxiway fly-over

With the construction of the new runway, a taxiway had to be build as well. This crosses the public road and an unpaved path leading up to the fence should give a spectacular close-up view. Alternatively, find a spot on the west side of the bridge, or maybe even more towards the new runway itself.

5East side approach 29R

Following the road all the way around the fenced off military complex, it bends north and ends at a gate. From just about that spot you have a good view of runway 29R's approach.

6East side approach 29L

There is also a road leading to a private property to the south of the perimeter road. You can watch the aircraft come in to land although you will see them rather late and from the back.

7West side approach 11R

On the west side, there is an unpaved road leading from the back of a company parking lot, situated in the bend of Aeroporto road, into the scrubs. From that path you can take an even smaller path towards the perimeter fence near runway 11R. From there you should have an excellent view of the approach and threshold of 11R. Bushes prevent an all out clear view though.

8North west side approach 11L

After exiting the airport, you can make a right towards 'PDBE' DF020 road. Along this stretch of road you can pick a spot. By car, it would be wise to park it at one of the companies in the beginning of the airport and go back on foot.

9North side ramp and runway view

Take the PDBE road and take the second road to the right, not counting the parking lot entrance just before the residential area. You will now drive into and along a residential area towards the perimeter fence and two red and white poles. These poles are in a small piece of scrub land. If the undergrowth on the airfield terrain is not too lush, you can have a good view of runway 11L/29R. Following this road a bit further might just give you a view of the small FAB transport ramp that is on the north side of the airfield. At last light, some aircraft on the GTE ramp south of runway 11L/29R might even be poled off.

10South side runway view 11R/29L

The south side of the new runway needs some more exploration. There is a residential area. A line of trees and bushes is between that and the airfield. A sand path runs along the bushes, on the airfield side of them. When accessible, this will yield excellent viewing opportunities. If not, go into the residential area on Quadra 19, Conjunto 1. Take the third left into Quadra 23, Conjunto 4 and scale the hill side through the bushes. No idea if you will be high enough though...

not validated yet

From spot 1, the terminal exit road ramp. (Fabio Laranjeira)

Spot 3, near the threshold of runway 11L. (Fabio Laranjeira)


121.000Clearance Delivery
118.100 / 118.450Tower

Based Operators

1°/1°GTEVC-1A, VC-2,
VH-35, VH-55
2°/1°GTEVU-35A, VU-55C,
VU-93, VC-99A/B/C
6°ETAC-95C, C/VC-97,
VU-9, VU-97

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