Salvador-Deputado Luis Eduardo Magelhaes

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Last Validated Dec 2006
City Salvador, BA
Position 12°54'40"S 038°19'52"W
Runway(s) 10/28, 17/35
Elevation 64 ft


The airport of Salvador houses both civil as well as military tenants. Some general aviation activity can also be found here.


The airport has a small runway on the west side mainly used by general aviation. The general aviation ramps are on the north west side of this 17/35 runway. The main runway, 10/28 divides the military and civil sides. The military are north and the civil terminal is on the south side. A bit more to the east, a cargo ramp can be found.

Getting There

The airport is well north east of Salvador, near the city of Lauro do Freitas on the Atlantic coast. Take the provincial highway BA-099 from Salvador eastbound. This is also called Avenida Luiz Viana Filho. Follow this road until you reach the large traffic square, Primeiro Rotula do Aeroport. Go northbound on BA-099/Estrada do Coco. This runs past the north side of the airport. Take the second exit from the large roundabout, Segunda Rotula do Aeroport still following 099/Coco. Shortly after, you will reach the entrance road to the airport on your right hand side.

Around the Airport

1West side approach 10

The access road runs past the threshold of runway 10. Park your car at the parking lot and walk back towards the approach. Bring a ladder though, the fence is too high here. As this is near the base gate, you will be moved on quickly.


This is the best spot. It is located at the terminal Departure off-ramp. Nice pictures of traffic to and from runway 10 can be photographed from here. Also, a distant view of the military area can be had. But this is too far and the aircraft are parked too much nose-on to be able to make anything out of it.

3South east side taxiway

This is also a nice spot. From the terminal, go clock wise around the airport. Keep heading as south as possible, following the airfield perimeter. This will not be visible at all times because there is a residential area on the north east side. Upon leaving this residential area you will see the threshold of runway 28 from the north. Go right before the roundabout and follow the fence line, you will now pass the threshold. Go right again, still following the perimeter. The road bends sharply to the left make a right at the T-junction/roundabout near the beach. Take the fifth street on your right. This will pass the small stream and become unpaved afterwards. When it bends left, follow the road and take a track towards one of the sand dunes.

4East side approach 28

The aforementioned road along the threshold of runway 28, is also the one from which the approaching aircraft can be viewed.

Alternatively, go to the north side of the threshold of runway 28. This is a good spot during the winter because of the lighting conditions. Unfortunately, the only reasonable spot is on private property, so ask permission if possible.

5North west side approach 17

There is a small road running parallel to the BA-099 road connecting the access road to some companies and the roundabout. From here, you will have good views of the northern approach.

6South side and cargo ramps - Flamengo street

If you are able to gain access to the airfield terrain, you can watch the general aviation approaching from the south. This road ends at the cargo area. Head back to the large roundabout and go nearly full circle taking the fourth exit. The road with multiple separate lanes bends right and you can make a U-turn a bit later. You will now be tracking back on the same road and when reach the bend again, you will be able to make a right onto the Estrada do Flamengo. This leads to a gate and eventually to the cargo area and passes the threshold of runway 35.

Taken from spot 2 in the twilight is this Bandarulha of sister unit 3°/7°GAv (Carlos Morillo Doria)

A nice overview of the civil ramp. (spot 3, Carlos Morillo Doria)


120.800 / 119.800Control 1/2
119.350Control 3

Based Operators

Military operators
Civil Operators
Abaeté aerotaxiCe208A/B, Ce402B, Ce550, EMB121, Neiva 821
Abaeté linhas aereasEMB110
Addey taxi aéreoCe402B, EMB720, EMB810C, EMB820C, PA-31
Aerostar taxi aéreoBN-2A, Ce310Q, EMB720, EMB820C
Baiana Taxi AereoCeS550
Bata-Bahiá taxi aéreoEMB820C, RC500S
Empresa Baiana de Taxi Aéreo (EBTA)Ce550


7009L-26 (P2V-5), on base
4404F-8 (Meteor F8), on pedestal along entrance road

More Info

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