Dubrovnik - Cilipi

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City Dubrovnik
Position 42°33'40"N 018°16'05"E
Runway(s) 12/30
Elevation 527 ft


Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, is a historic city in the extreme south of Croatia. Under siege during the war following Yugoslavia's break-up, the city has now fully recovered from these dramatic events. The airport expects to hit its 1987 passenger traffic high again in 2010. Dubrovnik airport is undergoing major rework to expand its capacity, therefore, the information presented in this guide may change in the near future. Beware, aircraft spotting and photography is not generally understood as a hobby in Croatia.


Dubrovnik has a single 12/30 runway and all facilities are located to its south side. In the south eastern part of the airfield a shelter and dispersal area can be found.

Getting There

The airport is located about 20km south east of Dubrovnik, immediately north of road no.8 and is clearly signposted.

Around the Airport

1Terminal area

Dubrovnik's terminal area is not the best spot around the airfield. Many obstructions and trees hinder your views from here, although some glimpses on the apron can be had.

212 Approach south side

If runway 12 is in use, drive to Dubrovnik when coming from the terminal area. After the curve rounding the 12 threshold, which is hidden in the woods, turn left on the dirt road that leads back to Mocici and find yourself a spot on the road with a clear view. This spot is good for photography after about 10.00am.

330 Approach south side

Probably the best spot for photography at Dubrovnik, spot 3 comes handy when runway 30 is in use. From the terminal area, head south to the village of Cilipi. Turn left on the road to Gabrili. Just past the village you will have a clear view of aircraft approaching runway 30, with the mountains as a background and the sun at your back. Photography is best in the afternoon.

4Approach 30 north side

Not the best spot for photography, but spot 4 might come handy to get an overview of the 30 threshold and take pictures in the early morning when runway 30 is in use. Coming from spot 3, just follow the fence to the left on a dirt road. Do not drive too far as the road goes down here and you will loose your view.



Based Operators

Hrvatske Zracne Snage
855 PEE summer det.AT-802

More Info

Dubrovnik airportOfficial site of Dubrovnik airport

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