Osijek - Klisa

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City Osijek
Position 45°27'45"N 018°48'36"E
Runway(s) 11/29
Elevation 290 ft


Osijek-Klisa is a regional airport serving Slavonia, Croatia's east. The region saw heavy fighting in the 90s and was only integrated into Croatia in 1998. With Slavonia still recovering, passenger traffic at Osijek is on the increase, and the airport is mainly used for cargo traffic. Klisa is not to be mixed up with Cepin, Osijek's general aviation and sport airport. Beware, aircraft spotting and photography are not generally understood as a hobby in Croatia.


Klisa has a single 11/29 runway; all facilities are located on the north side of this runway. The farmland around the airport is very flat and largely devoid of trees. When venturing around, please keep in mind the land is privately owned.

Getting There

The airport is situated just south of regional road 2, roughly 25kms from both Osijek and Vukovar.

Around the Airport

1Terminal area

The terminal area provides good views of the apron and the runway. You can walk up to the fence on the lawn to see all aircraft parked in front of the terminal. Although back-lit, it is even possible to take pictures of aircraft on the runway with around 200mm, provided that no other aircraft are parked in the way.

211 Approach south side

Heading back over the airport driveway, turn left on road no.2 and left again on the first dirt road you encouter. After about 2km, turn left again, you are now heading to the 11 threshold. Pass it and find yourself a decent spot on the south side to capture aircraft on finals for runway 11. This spot is good for photography the entire day.

329 Approach south side

If runway 29 is in use, this is the spot to be. Coming from the terminal area, turn right on road no.2 and right again after passing Klisa village, where the canal crosses the road. Head south to the 29 threshold, and turn right following the airport perimeter. You can position yourself anywhere along this dirt road depending on the shots and angle you prefer. Touchdown is where the road leaves the airport perimeter fence. This spot is good for photography the entire day.



Based Operators

Civil companies
Geodetski zavodPA-31T

More Info

Osijek airportOfficial site of Osijek airport

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