Saba - Juancho E. Yrausquin

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Last Validated 02-2013
City Saba
Position 17°38'43"N 63°13'14"W
Runway(s) 12/30
Elevation 60 ft


Saba's airport is one of a kind. Basically a dormant volcano, Saba's geography does not leave much room for an airport. The result is a runway of only 1300ft, flanked on the south side by high hills, and on the north side and at both ends of the runway by cliffs dropping into the sea. Commercial air traffic is not allowed by the Dutch Caribbean aviation authority and both runway ends are properly marked with an X. Waivers are issued by the authorities though and Winair as well as Windward Island Express serve the island. Air traffic control and aviation fuel are not available on Saba.


The airport is situated on the north east tip of the island. Views can be obtained from the south side only, light conditions for photography are best after 11.00 am.

Getting There

You are most likely to arrive at the airport, just to experience a landing at Saba.... if you are not up to it, ferries from St. Maarten arrive on the other side of the island and the airport can be found by simply following The Road.

Around the Airport

1Parking lot

The airport's parking lot is adjacent to the runway and provides excellent views of the runway and aprons.

2The Road

The only road across the island is aptly named The Road. From the airport, take The Road to the island's capital, aptly named The Bottom. Up to the first community of any size, not so aptly named Hell's Gate, excellent views of the airport can be had. Just beware of the curves when deciding to stop...

Illustrating Saba's steep approach, the Twin Otter is used on regular service to this tiny island. Wim Sonneveld.


Saba's airport has no air traffic control.

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