Villacoublay - Velizy (BA107)

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Last Validated Mar 2012
City Paris
Position 48°46'28"N 002°12'06"E
Runway(s) 09/27
Elevation 584 ft


Villacoublay - Velizy (BA107) is one of the bases from where the French Air Force VIP fleet operates. The airbase is situated south of the A86/Périphérique I'll-de-France. Several aircraft that were formerly used by ETEC00.065 or other local units are preserved on base. Unfortunately, most of them are not visible from outside.


From outside it is hard to see any aircraft on base because most of the airbase is surrounded by an earth wall. In the past, the top floor of a car park of the local Carrefour, just north of the N86, offered some views but during a recent visit this car park was closed. Only from the east side, near the Citroen car factory it is possible to see the runway and part of the airbase itself.

Getting There

To get to Villacoublay, follow the A86/Périphérique I'll-de-France. When coming from the west, take exit 31, go left and following road D53. The airfield will be at your left after 1 km. When coming from the east, take exit 30 into road N118 in southern direction and leave this road at the first exit, number 4. The airfield will be at your right and you will be near spot 2 of the map.

Around the Airport

1The MS760

The first stop is at the preserved MS760. In a worst case scenario, this could be the only aircraft you will see. When you drive on the Route Gisy, you can not miss it. It is near the main gate, close to the base fence.

2Citroen factory

Next place to stop is near the entrance of the Citroen car factory, opposite the airfield on the east side. From here you can see the runway and the stored N262 near the ATC tower and you can picture any aircraft using runway 27.

3Runway 09

To get to the end of runway 09, you can either take the northern Route Militaire or the southern Route de Versailles. When driving on either of the two, you will experience the earth walls surrounding the airfield. You know when you reached the end of the runway when you spot the approach lights. From this spot you will not actually see the runway, so any departing aircraft in your direction will suprise you.

At spot 1, this MS760 is preserved in a special c/s. (Melchior Timmers)


128.100Paris center

Based Operators

ETEC00.060A330,AS332,Falcon 7X,Falcon 900,Falcon 200,TBM700
EIE FalconFalcon 7X,Falcon 900,Falcon 2000
SAG VillacoublayAS350,EC135,EC145


2261/67-DCAlouette 3
49/F-RHFAFalcon 20C at base HQ
A99Jaguar A, cockpit only at officers' mess
310/116-BMirage 2000N
113MS760 inside gate
78/AFN262D stored near ATC, damaged
111N1101 at ET00.060

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