Kiel - Holtenau

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City Kiel
Position 54°22'46"N 010°08'43"E
Runway(s) 08/26, 08/26 (grass)
Elevation 101 ft


This former German navy base, once home to the fleet of Sea Kings, is located north of the city of Kiel. It is the civil Flughafen Kiel (IATA code KEL) that offers support for smaller aircraft and some domestic flights. Spotting conditions, both photography and reading serials, are rather poor.


The civil aviation 'terminal' is located on the northern part of the base.

Getting There

You can reach the base by heading for Kiel (on either the A210 or A215 highway). From there you take the B76 heading North and continue on this road that will eventually turn into road number B503. The base is on your right just after you pass the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal.

Around the Airport

1South side

The first spot to visit are the hobby gardens on the south side of the base. You can get here by exiting to the right from B503 on the first exit after you pass the water. You can follow the directions to the main gate and turn left just before the gate. You will end up in private gardening areas from where you can have a look at a small part of the base. We are not sure whether this spot is still relevant now the Sea King helicopters have gone.

2Civil side

Another spot you can try is from the civil terminal. This gives a good view of the airport and offers some opportunities for the civil aircraft. You can get to this position by exiting the B503 from the second exit after you pass the water. This will lead you directly to the civil airport.


A the third position is at a pier in the Kieler Förde. The pier offered a view of the helicopter platform when the Sea King helicopters were still here. Not sure whether this spot is still relevant now. To get here, just drive ahead from the second exit off B503 (leading to the civil airport) and find the entrance of the pier a few hundred meters after you pass a gate. Park near the main road and walk the pier to the end for the best position.

This PC-9B from E.I.S. GmbH is based at Kiel-Holtenau. The photo was taken from spot 2 through the fence by Helwin Scharn.

During the SAR-Meet fly-in, in June 2010, Helwin Scharn took this shot of a USAF Black Hawk from spot 3.


125.600Ground (civil)
338.325Ground (military)
136.225Bremen Radar

Based Operators

FLM AviationBeech 300, SA227, P68
Ohlair CharterflugCe441

More Info

Flughafen KielOfficial site of the civil airport.

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