Madrid - Getafe

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City Madrid
Position 40°17'39"N 003°43'26"W
Runway(s) 05/23
Elevation 2029 ft


One of the many airports around Madrid is this military Air Base Getafe. It houses several training and transport units of the Spanish Air Force. Also located on thie airfield is one of the EADS/CASA factories where all the CASA aircraft are built next to modifications on a wide range of aircraft, like the A330 MRTT and P-3BM Orions for the Brazilian Navy.


The military apron is situated in the northwest part in a L-shape. The apron of the Casa factory is on the east side.

Getting There

As Getafe is located quite close to highways it can be reached quite easily with a car. Coming from Madrid you will have to follow the A-2 and take the exit nr13 onto the Paseo John Lennon. You will see the airport at your left and will notice the EADS/CASA factory followed by the approach to runway 23. If you continue this road, the gate towards the Air Base will be visible at your left side. If you prefer public transport, it can be done by train or metro. If you take the metro, take the Blue line 10 from Fuencarral towards Puerta del Sur. From here transfer to the Lime line 12 MetroSur and exit at Juan de la Cierva. This is a autonomous line for which you have to pay separately. From the station walk south to the Air Base gate. If you like to travel by the suburban train system, take the Purple line C-3 and exit at Getafe Industrial or Blue line C-5 and exit at Getafe Centro.

Around the Airport

1Westerly Landings - PM

Travelling from Getafe, you will see the military gate with guards. From here take the Paseo John Lennon to the east. You will see the approach lights and can position yourself here before the roundabout.

2Westerly Landings - AM

If you continue past the roundabout, at the bridge over the railroad, you will have a good view onto the airport and also for the approach during the morning.

3Parking at Casa

From the above mentioned roundabout and bridge, Take the the first right after the next roundabout, onto the Calle Gutenberg. Take the fourth right, onto the Calle Eratostenes towards the airport. At the end of the road is a parking. Next to the EADS/CASA gate there is a dirtroad. Drive into here and stop when the dirtroad goes a little bit downhill. Park your car and walk through the field towards the fence. Here you have an great option to read the aircraft parked on the military side.

4Easterly Landings

For a view of the landing aircraft with easterly landing, you will have to go to this spot. From Getafe take the A-42 southbound. Leave it at exit 15/16 and drive onto the Avenida de Juan Carlos I away from town. You will cross the railroad and take the road to the left towards the runway.

5Near the Cemetary

From Getafe take the A-42 southbound. Leave it at exit 15/16 and take the next left. Follow this road to the north and stop near the cemetary for a view onto the military apron and some nice afternoon landing shots.


At this roundabout at the M-406 there is the preserved HA220D. Take the road to the right at the military gate, coming north out of Getafe..

7Preserved C212

If you drive into Getafe via the Avenida de Juan Carlos I, and take the third exit to the right at the first roundabout, you will find a preserved C212 at your left. It is used in some sort of traffic school.

With an EADS factory on this air base, a landing of the Beluga is not uncommon. Taken at spot 4 with easterly winds. Photo Pablo Díaz Moreda

Positioned at spot 4, Cristian Schrik was able to photograph this grey Beech C90 of Grupo 42 in landing.

Based Operators

351 esc/Ala 35CN235M-100 (T.19B) code 35-21 CN235M-10 (T.19A) code 35-60
352 Esc/Ala 35CN235M-100 (T.19B) code 35-21 CN235M-10 (T.19A) code 35-60
353 Esc/Ala 35C295M (T.21) code 35-40


T.4-8/35-08C-54E, preserved near main gate.
A.10B-49HA.200, preserved outside on EADS/CASA apron.
A.9-042/21-05SF-5A, preserved outside on EADS/CASA apron.
EC-DUJCasa101, preserved outside on EADS/CASA apron
A.10C-110HA.220D, preserved as A.10-110 at the roundabout at spot 8
T.7-1/351-01Casa207, preserved inside base, near spot 7.
T.7-19/351-02Casa207, preserved near spot 3 at EADS compound.
C.12-33/12-33F-4C, at Calle Diesel
T.12B-64C212-100, with fake code 12-64, at spot7, preserved in Getafe.

More Info

Metro MadridHere is a link to a map of the metro system for Madrid.
Information Ala 35Information about Ala 35 on the official Spanish Air Force website.

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