Damascus Intl

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Last Validated May 2010
City Damascus (Dimašq)
Position 33°24'41"N 036°30'56"E
Runway(s) 23L/05R, 23R/05L
Elevation 2020 ft


Damascus, or Dimašq (دمشق), is the main port of entry for most people arriving by air. Co-located is the transport wing of the Syrian Air Force. Syria offers the unique opportunity to fly in aircraft with real pedigree, like the Tu-134 or Yak-40.

It is located a fair distance from town on the south east side. This is not a big problem because the airport is connected to the city's ring road by a dedicated highway.

Be aware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in the Syrian Arab Republic!


The airport features parallel runways with a south west-north east orientation. In between, you can find the terminal. The military ramp is located north of the 05R threshold. The thresholds of 05R/23L have small shelter areas with large drive-through type shelters. No fighter aircraft are based though, these might however house detached qra aircraft. Walls surround the whole airfield and it is in the middle of arid desert land.

Getting There

The airport is signposted from the no.5 highway running around the eastern side of Damascus.

Around the Airport

1Terminal area

Not very useful to go there. From air side you can obviously see the parked airliners but you are facing north and can not see the runways properly. Outside on the south east of the terminal, there is a partial view of the ramp.

2Damascus airport hotel

From the back side of the hotel you have views on the 05L approach. In front, on the terrace outside the dining hall, you can also see some of the traffic using 05R/23L although the view is blocked by buildings.

305R approach

Leave the airport terminal area and exit the highway at the first exit. Make a left and left again after crossing the highway. In the corner of the airfield there is a gate but you can follow the road past that, go left along the wall. Keep left again at the fork in the road. The approach pretty much is straight overhead this cross road, so go a bit south for a better angle. The sand track connecting the two roads seems to be the best spot. Yes, you will be in full view from the road wherever you go; a car by the side of the road does not attract that much attention though. Do not stay too long and if your are spotted twice by the same car, just move on.

4Runway 05R/23L view

From spot 3 go further south and keep left, entering the small village of Tall Maskan. Go left at the mosque, follow the road left. After you have left the village, you will be driving parallel to the airport wall and runway. You should be able to log aircraft climbing out. Be aware as this is military terrain.

not validated yet

523L approach and terminal view

The road from spot 4 connects to the public through road again, go left. You will be entering the village of Judaydat al Khāş. Make a left about three quarters through town, were the sub divider in the road starts. About 300 metres later the street bends right. In this bend yo will be positioned for 23L approach and you should be able to see the terminal in the distance as well.

not validated yet

623R approach

Go back to the main road and make a left, to the next small village Kufrayn. From here proceed to Ḩarrān al `Awāmīd (حران العواميد). At the village entrance, there is a crossing, go sharp left there. You will under pass the approach to runway 23R in little under 1 km. Try to find a spot along one of the tracks on either side of this road.

You can follow this road further west as well. It leads into increasingly desolate terrain and you will be looking into the sun. You will be closer to the threshold then though.

not validated yet

This photograph of Tu-134 YU-AKA was taken from a departing airplane.


118.075 / 121.900Tower
120.000 / 121.300Approach

Based Operators

Civil operatorsSome transports are also used by the military
Syrian Arab AirlinesA320, An24B,
Tu-134, Yak-40
Military operatorsMost transports are in Syrianair c/s
522sqAn-24/26, Il-76
575sqFalcon 20/900


YK-AGA, YK-AGBB727, stored
YK-AGC, YK-AGDB727, stored
YK-AGE, YK-AGFB727, stored
YK-AHA, YK-AHBB747SP, stored
YK-ATCIl-76M, stored
YK-AYC, YK-AYDTu-134, stored

More Info

Syrian airportsSite maintained by the Syrian embassy, not much use
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