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Fort Worth Meacham International Airport, commonly referred to as Meacham Field, is an airport in Fort Worth, Texas, currently catering to private and small corporate air traffic. Meacham Field was purchased by the city of Fort Worth on July 3, 1925, named Fort Worth Municipal Airport. In 1927, the airport was renamed Meacham Field after former Fort Worth Mayor Henry C. Meacham. American Airways moved its headquarters to Meacham Field in the early 1930s. Meacham was Fort Worth's airline airport until April 1953 when the major carriers moved to Amon Carter Field, later known as Greater Southwest International Airport. Meacham is currently used for general aviation purposes. Several companies operate aircraft services on the airport property, including a division of the U.S. defense contractor Alliant Techsystems (ATK) and Texas Aviation Services. The Vintage Flying Museum is located in Hangar 33S on the airport's south side, at the end of Ellis Street, while the FAC Museum is on the south side. There are three FBOs operating on the field.


Meacham International Airport has two parallel runways and a crosswind runway. Some hangars are on the south side in between both main runways, but most hangars are on the east side.

Getting There

The airport is located at the intersection of Interstate 820 and U.S. Business Highway 287 in northwest Fort Worth, near the downtown business district. On the highway, take exit 13 indicating Saginaw/Main Street southbound onto Highway 287.

Around the Airport

1Near the Terminal

The first spot is near the terminal for a view on to the aprons. Also you have a view on to the ATH hangars. To arrive on this spot, while driving on Highway 287, take a right before the American Aero sign, towards the terminal. You can park your car left or right of the Terminal.

2Morning view onto runway 16

For some morning shots of landing traffic onto the main runway 16, you have to take Interstate 820 eastbound and take exit 13 Saginaw/main Street. On the exit, when you see a small road towards a gate, take a direct right onto a dirt road. Park your car here.

3Afternoon view onto runway 16

In the afternoon,for photopraphy onto ruwnay 16, you have to move to this spot. Just follow the dirt road of spot 2 and position yourself along this road. You can also stand halfway at the beginning of the landing lights if preferred.

4View onto some hangars

On Lincoln Avenue you have a good view onto some hangars inbetween runway 34 and 35, while having a good view onto runway 34. To arrive here, follow highway 287 to the crossing with W Long Avenue. Take a right here onto W Long Avenue, drive past the FAC Museum, and, when passing the extended runway, take a right onto Lincoln Avenue.

5Vintage Flying Museum

The Vintage Flying Museum is open in weekends and can be found by following the sign Aviation Museum from Highway 287. Take a right when indicated, across the Colonial Restaurant, at the end, take a left towards the museum. Most of times, the Dakota is parked outside. Right of the hangar are some wrecks.

6View onto runway 27

For a good view onto runway 27 and surrounding aprons, you have to park near Texas Aviation Services. At the Highway 287, take a right after passing the runway and position yourself at the parking with your pick-up truck or use a ladder.

7FAC Museum

The FAC museum is quite nice to visit. It can be reached by follow highway 287 to the crossing with W Long Avenue. Take a right here onto W Long Avenue, drive past the FAC Museum and take a right into the entrance at Ross Avenue. In the morning most aircraft can be photographed from Clinton Avenue but you will need some steps.

From spot 1, you have a good view onto the ATK hangars, as shown by the JordanAF C295 3211 being reworked into a gunship. Photo: Zane Adams


124.650CLNC DEL
121.9 00Ground
118.300/257.800 Tower
118.100/135.975/306.950/379.900 Regional APP
120.7 00ATIS


variousFAC Museum
variousVintage Flying Museum

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