Lackland AFB Kelly Field Annex

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Last Validated 8-12-2015
City San Antonio
Position 29°22'42"N 098°35'03"W
Runway(s) 15/33
Elevation 690 ft


Kelly Field Annex (formerly Kelly Air Force Base) is a base located in San Antonio, Texas. In 2001, the runway and land west of the runway became "Kelly Field Annex" and control of it was transferred to the adjacent Lackland Air Force Base, part of Joint Base San Antonio. The base is under the jurisdiction of the 802d Mission Support Group, Air Education and Training Command (AETC). Kelly Field was one of thirty-two Air Service training camps established after the United States entry into World War I, being established on 27 March 1917.It was used as a flying field; primary flying school; school for adjutants, supply officers, engineers; mechanics school, and as an aviation general supply depot. Kelly Field Annex supports flight operations of the Air Force Reserve Command's 433d Airlift Wing, operating the C-5 Galaxy and the Texas Air National Guard's 149th Fighter Wing, operating the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The east side is civilian nowadays, San Antonio Air Logistics Center does the manintenance on the large freighters and tankers of the USAF. (source: Wikipedia)


The airport has one north-south runway. On the west and southeast side you will find all transporters and tankers in maintenance with SA-ALC. In the northeast side you will find the FBO. On the west side is also the apron for the F-16s of 149h FW.

Getting There

The east side of Kelly Field Annex is civilian nowadays and can be circumnavigated easily. The airfield is south of the US-90. Take exit General Hudnell Drive/Port San Antonio onto route 371/General Hudnell Drive southbound. Continue on this road, onto the airport to end at spot 3.

Around the Airport

1View onto SA-ALC apron

Follow the General Hudnell Drive and take a left onto S General McMullen Drive. At the end take a right onto Berman Road and follow it past the aprons and runway towards the other side. From here you will have a view onto the Sa-ALC areas and the landing runway to the north/take off runway to the south.

2Another view onto SA-ALC apron

Follow the General Hudnell Drive and take a left onto S General McMullen Drive. At the end take a right onto Berman Road and follow it past the aprons. Park your car to have another view onto the aircraft in maintenance with SA-ALC.

3View onto SA-ALC

Follow the General Hudnell Drive to the end to arrive at the gate towards SA-ALC. Here you will have another view onto the aprons of Sa-ALC.

4Preserved Aircraft

Follow the General Hudnell Drive and you will pass the Paul Roberson Building at your right. Preserved here are a B-58 Hustler and a F-111. Slightly further down the road there is a F-106 while on further north along the Billy Mitchell Boulevard there is a preserved F-15.

5At the FBO

Follow the General Hudnell Drive and take a right onto Billy Mitchell Boulevard. At the end, take a right onto N Frank Luke Drive and have a look along the aprons for some parked aircraft.

6Landing to the south

Continue from spot 5 along N Frank Luke Drive to the end and take a right here onto Crowdon Road. Follow this road, pass the runway extended at the north side and park your car. Photography is forbidden here. In the morning it better to hide a bit near the houses on the east side. In the afternoon, walk along the forest to the Industrial area.

7View onto west aprons

Continue from spot 6 along Crowdon Road. This will end at the Lackland AFB gate. But take the last road to the right and drive along, viewing the base at your left and look for a good spot to view the aprons. If needed, at the end you can drive towards the gate via some dust road. In the previous years the view onto the airbase has been severely restricted by overgrowth and buildings.

8Lackland AFB Parade Field

For a view onto the many preserved aircraft at the Lackland AFB parade Field, continue on the US-90. Take the exit Military Drive/Lackland AFB southbound. On the left side you will pass many preserved aircraft, unfortunately behind fences.

Many Galaxies can be seen, read and photographed from spot 1, as shown by this picture by Reinold Kalsbeek.

Some instructional airframes can be shot at spot 5; here a Hercules is photographed by Reinold Kalsbeek.


125.700/381.400 Departure
118.050/125.100/127.100San Antonio APP
289.200/307.000San Antonio APP


76-0108/PTF-15A, preserved near spot 4
68-0275F-111G, preserved near spot 4
59-2437B-58A, preserved near spot 4
57-2533/FL-02F-106B, preserved near spot 4
56-3000F-100D, preserved in 149FW area
63-7515/SAF-4C, preserved in 149FW area
-many preserved aircraft near spot 8

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