Orange Grove NOLF

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ICAO Code /
Last Validated 8-12-2015
City Kingsville
Position 27°53'49"N 098°02'37"W
Runway(s) 01/19, 13/31
Elevation 257 ft


Naval Outlying Landing Field Orange Grove or NOLF Orange Grove is a military airport located southwest of Orange Grove, a city in Jim Wells County, TX. Owned by the United States Navy, it supports pilot training for NAS Kingsville. It has two runways, 1/19 and 13/31, each measuring 2,438 m x 61 m. Opening hours are between 0900 and 1700 hrs local time.
Although most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA and IATA, NOLF Orange Grove is assigned NOG by the FAA but has no designation from the IATA.


Naval Outlying Landing Field Orange Grove has one south-north orientated runway and one southeast-northwest orientated runway. A small apron is located in the southwestern corner. Be a=ware that this NOLF is quite large.

Getting There

Driving from NAS Kingsville, you will have to leave town via I-191 towards Benavides. Take a right onto I-281 driving through Alice to Owl Range-Armagosa. Just before this town, take a right onto Co Road 220 towards the field.

Around the Airport

1landing on runway 01

After passing the small gate towards the field, you will drive along the runway 01. park your car and take position. This spot is best in afternoon, for morning shots you just have to follow the Co Road 220 to the other side.

2Landing on runway 31, afternoon

Spot 2 can be reached by following Co Road 220 towards runway 31. At the bend before driving along the fence, park your car and move into position for nice afternoon shots. Your distance to the runway is quite large, so it is best to take your shots while the aircraft bank into landing. Aircraft on take-off on runway 13 are to high or bank before reaching this spot.

3Landing on runway 31, morning

Spot 3, or the morning position for runway 31 is on a small dirt road. You will see this one just after passing the extended centerline of runway 31 at your left. Park and position. Your distance to the runway is quite large, so it is best to take your shots while the aircraft bank into landing.

4landing on runway 13

Spot 4 can be reached by driving over lots of dirt roads, so take a SUV or equivalent. On Co Road 220, just before the airport, there is a small road to your left. Take this one and take a left at the first crossing. Take a right at the next crossing and drive towards the fence. Alternatively, you can position yourself on the other side, on County Road 308 to picture aircraft on downwind turning into base.

On this large airport, good shots can be made on spot 2, as shown here by Henk Spek.

Runway 13 shots can also be taken on County Road 308 of aircraft on downwind as Jochem manders did here.


239.050Ground/CLNC DEL

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