Norfolk NS (Chambers Field)

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Last Validated 11-2013
City Norfolk, VA
Position 36°56'15"N 076°17'22"W
Runway(s) 10/28
Elevation 17 ft


Located next to largest naval harbour in the world, NAS Norfolk is a very busy airport. Many helicopters and aircraft units are based here, but they could be away on sea as they are mainly based on carriers or other ships. There are many good vantage points to view the 24h traffic on this busy base.


This large naval station has one main runway for fixed wing operations but also two shorter runways for helicopter (and VSTOL) operations. The visitors apron is located just north of Interstate 564 and is equipped with a passengers terminal. Just north of the runway are the ramps for the Hawkeyes and Greyhounds. The helicopter squadrons can be found at ramps along the bay.

Getting There

The naval station is located just west of Virginia Beach and north of the city Norfolk. It can be reached easily with Interstate 64, which is running from nearby Bower's hill all the way to Richmond up north. The naval station will be sign posted abundantly.

Around the Airport

1Bay view

The Willoughby Bay is often used by the based squadrons as training area. From this spot you can easily observe these training flights. Often the MH-53's of the HM-14 can be seen here conducting a mine sweep training. With a good scope you should be able the read the codes of the MH-53(on the nose)on the HM-14 ramp. This spot is located at the parking lot of the local boat ramp.

2Parking deck

There is a parking garage located at the corner of Ingersol St and Signonella Ave. From the top level of this public accessible parking garage you will have a great view over the ramps south of the runway. The visitors apron is the one right in front of you. This spot is perfect for reading serials. For photography, you will need approx. 420mm (digital) for a full frame C-9 photo.

3Landing runway 28

At this spot you have a great view of aircraft landing at runway 28. It is located in a residential area at the most southern point of Nansemond Arch. You can park you car at a small parking lot and walk towards the water. The runway is at the opposite of the water on your right..

4Landing runway 10 (1)

From the parking lot of the Main Gate Movies cinema you will have a good view upon aircraft landing at runway 10. For photography, back light will be a problem here. The cinema is located just south of the large mall at Mall Dr.

5Gate guards

At gate 4 of the naval station you can find a variety of aircraft and helicopters. Before taking pictures, permission by the present guards is highly advisable. Gate 4 is located at Bellinger Blvd.

6Landing runway 10 (2)

From the parking lot of the swimming pool (part of the Fleet Park) at 90th St you will have a good view upon aircraft landing at runway 10. A long stay at this location can result in unwanted attention by the large number of military personnel present at this location.

7View on Bay

Another view onto the Bay and some aprons can be had on spot 7. On Hamptons Roads Beltway, leave at exit 273/4th View Street/Ocean View. Drive towards the bay via Route 60/4th View Street and take the first left onto O'Connor Crescent. Drive along this road until you see the bay and some beach, park your car and have a look.

Spot 1

A MH-53 is performing mine sweeping in the bay, seen at spot 1 (Niels Hoogenboom)

South of spot6

This Greyhound was seen approaching runway 10 from the McDonalds just south of spot 6 (Niels Hoogenboom)


120.700 / 348.000Clearance Delivery
121.800 / 370.850Ground
124.300 / 379.150Tower
118.425 / 342.000ATIS
131.525 / 268.800Base Ops
130.650 / 349.500AMC
298.950Navy Heli Ground
126.375 / 290.500Navy Heli Tower


152923/AA-501 A-6E near spot 5
151953/'BR-39' HH-46D near spot 5
150541/'AG-600' E-2B near spot 5
149026/033 SH-2F near spot 5
148042/'HU-728' SH-3H
158687/NW-601 RH-53D near spot 5

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