Ivory Coast Air Force history

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Ivory Coast Air Force history

Abidjan/Port Bouet

Su-25UB 21 in November 2004 was destroyed by a French Army helicopter attack on 6 November 2006.

Jean François Lika

Abidjan/Port Bouet (DIAP) BA de Abidjan, Félix Houphouet-Boigny Intl

RWY 03/21     POS 05°15'16"N 003°55'43"W     ELEV 21 ft

Base Unit Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
Base Aérienne de Abidjan

Groupement Aérien du Transport et de Liaison
1961 - present C-47B (Dec61-?)
MH1521M (Dec61-?)
Falcon 20C (Oct67-June78)
AC500B (July70-Apr79)
Ce150H (70-?)
CeFTB337F (Dec70-82)
F27-600 (Dec70-Sep79)
F27-400M (Jan71-Sep79)
Beech F33C (79-?)
Beech 200 (79-?)
Ce421 (79-?)
Viscount 802
Beech 350 (May13->)
An-26B (June18->)
C295W (Apr19->)

Escadrille d'Hélicoptères
1970 ? - ? SA313B (70-?)
SE3160 (71-?)
SA330C/G (Dec70-?)
SA365C-2 (79-?)
Mi-8T (03-?)
IAR330L (June03-?)
disbanded ?

Escadrille Présidentielle
1973 ? - present G-II (Mar73-Dec87)
G-I (Mar75-Nov77)
F28-1000/C (Oct75-93)
G-III (81->)
SE3160 (82-?)
G-IV (Dec87->)
Fokker 100 (Aug94-Feb17)
B727-2Y4 (Oct11-Jan15)
Beech 1900D (Aug12->)
G550 (Nov13->)
A319-133 (ACJ) Sep14->)
AS365N-2 (Apr17->)

Escadrille de Chasse
2002 ? - present Mi-24D (02->)
Mi-24V (Feb03->)
Strikemaster Mk87 (mar03-?)
MiG-23MLD (Apr03-Nov06)

Falcon 20 TU-VAD at Paris-Le Bourget in March 1978.

Jean Claude Bouillon

Second time the serial of TU-VAD was used was on F27-400M seen on 8 May 1979.

Marc Grize

F28-1000C on 15 September 1979. This particular aircraft with c/n 11099 have been is use two times with the same serial.

Jean Claude Bouillon

SA330G Puma TU-VAS made a stop at Faro on 30 November 1985.

Pedro Aragão


collection Dick Lohuis

SA319B Alouette III TU-VAX in March 1994.

Jacques Guillem

Beech F33C TU-VBG in March 1997 was one of six delivered in 1979.

Jacques Guillem

Fokker 100 TU-VAA visiting Geneva in June 1999.

Max Fankhauser

IAR330L TU-VMH in October 2004.

Jean François Lika

Bouaké (DIBK)

RWY 03/21     POS 07°44'20"N 005°04'25"W     ELEV 1231 ft

Base Unit Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
Base Aérienne de Bouaké

Escadrille de Chasse 'Mamba'
Dec 1980 - 199. ? Alpha Jet (Oct80-?)

Alpha Jet coded CA-1 is taxiing out Bouaké for another mission in March 1994.

J. Moulin

Ce421 TU-VBA in December 1996, is now stored at Bouaké.

Jacques Guillem

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