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Nordholz (ETMN)

RWY 08/26     POS 53°45'57"N 008°39'34"E     ELEV 74 ft

Wing Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Marinefliegergeschwader 3 (MFG3) Do228(LM)
Graf Zeppelin
Marinefliegergeschwader 5 (MFG5) NH90-NFH
NH90-MRFH (o/o)
Sea King Mk41A
Super Lynx Mk88A
18 NH-90NFHs are on order to replace the ageing Sea King.
Unit has detachments at Helgoland and Warnemünde.

The eight P-3 Orions, which were purchased from the Dutch Navy and delivered in 2006, haven't really been quite successful in replacing the ageing Atlantics. Only a handful are still operational and they will soon be replaced by the P-8 Poseidon,much earlier than was anticipated. More about that can be read in this excellent article:

(Nordholz 22 November 2021, Frank Noort)

Originally the German Navy ordered nineteen Sea Lynx Mk88 helicopters and the first Sea Lynx was delivered in 1981. In 1996, the GN purchased seven additional Super Lynx Mk88As and in 1998 they decided to upgrade the existing fleet of Mk88s. Seventeen Sea Lynx Mk88s were planned to be upgraded to Super Lynx Mk88A, but fifteen were actually implemented.

(Nordholz 22 November 2021, Frank Noort)

The German Navy placed an order for 22 Sea King Mk.41s on 20 June 1969 as a replacement for the Grumman Albatross flying boat in the Search and Rescue Role. This was the first export sale for the Westland Sea King, and was the first dedicated Search and Rescue Sea King variant, with an enlarged cabin and more fuel. The Sea Kings were delivered between April 1973 and September 1974 and are still going strong.

(Koksijde 29 September 2021)

Two Do228 aircraft, the 57+04 and the 57+05 are still in service with the German Navy. Both aircraft are allocated to MFG3 and operate on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to monitor the North and Baltic Seas with regards to marine pollution.

(Nordholz 22 November 2021, Frank Noort)

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