Hellenic Navy Air Command

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Hellenic Navy Air Command


Eight S-70B-6 and three S-70B versions of the Sikorsky Seahawk were delivered to the Elliniko Polemiko Naftiko, Hellenic Navy.

Marco Dijkshoorn

Elefsis (LGEL)

RWY 18/36     POS 38°03'50"N 023°33'22"E     ELEV 143 ft

Command Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Hellenic Navy Air Command

When upgraded from P-3B LW to P-3HN, the Orions will be transferred from 353 MNAS (Hellenic Air Force) to the Diikissi Aeroporias Naftikou = Naval Air Command.

MAN = Mira Aeroporias Naftikou = Navy Aircraft Squadron.

The Hellenic Navy Air Command HQ is located at Elefsis (112 PM).

Marathon/Kotroni (LGKN)

RWY 03/21H, 12/30H     POS 38°08'16"N 023°57'06"E     ELEV 969 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Alouette 3 Sminos/SEN SA319B (wfu)
Hellenic Navy Air Command


2 MEN S-70B

SEN Various
The Alouette 3 helicopters of Alouette 3 Sminos/SEN were withdrawn from use by mid 2014.
MEN = Mira Elikopteron Naftikou = Navy Helicopter Squadron
SEN = Scholi Elikopteron Naftikou = Navy Helicopter School

The Hellenic Navy Air Command HQ is located at Elefsis (112 PM).

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