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The Gripen is the first western aircraft for the Hungarian Air Force. With these JAS39C and JAS39D Gripen aircraft, the Air Force will have a modern aircraft and fully compatible with the other NATO aircraft. Gripen number 44 was delivered after one of the two-seaters was damaged beyond repair in 2015 in the Czech Republic.

Benedek Levente

Kecskemét (LHKE)

RWY 12/30     POS 46°55'03"N 019°44'57"E     ELEV 376 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
MH 59. 'Szentgyörgyi Deszö' Harcászati Repülö Bázis

1. Vadászrepülö Század JAS39C

3. Szallitó Repülö Század An-26
Falcon 7X
The L-39ZOs of 2. "Dongo" Vadászrepülö Század were retired from service in December 2009 followed by the units last MiG-29s in December 2011.

Two A319s from the defunct German airline Air Berlin were bought in 2017, ex-D-ABGM and D-ABGS. They are used as troop transport and government planes.

Benedek Levente

One Falcon 7X was acquired in 2018 for long-haul flights. Another one will be delivered this year.

Benedek Levente

Pápa (LHPA)

RWY 16/34     POS 47°21'50"N 017°30'03"E     ELEV 485 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
NATO Strategic Airlift Capability

Heavy Airlift Wing C-17A
47.Pápa Harcászati Repüloezred was based here operating the MiG-21 until 2000. The base still houses large numbers of stored MiG-21s, MiG-23s and Su-22s.

The base was upgraded to serve as a NATO stronghold early this century. From 2009 the bases houses the three C-17A Globemaster IIIs belonging to the NATO Strategic Airlift Capability.

Five Mi-17 and Mi-17N were overhauled in Russia. All helicopters were delivered back in 2017 and one in 2018. They will fly till 2023-24.

Benedek Levente

Szolnok (LHSN)

RWY 02/20     POS 47°07'22"N 020°14'08"E     ELEV 322 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
MH 86. 'Szolnok' Helicopter Ezred

1. Szállitó Helikopter Zászlóalj H145M

Phoenix Attack Helicopter Battalion Mi-24P
MH 59. 'Szentgyörgyi Deszö' Harcászati Repülö Bázis

4. Kiképzö Repülö Század det. AS350
Zlin Z 143LS
Zlin Z 242L
The 4. Kiképzö Repülö Század is subordinate to the 59. Szentgyörgyi Deszö" Repülö Bázis at Kecskemét.

Mi-24P serial 338 never flew in Hungary since its arrival in 1995. Here in this photo it was one of its very first flight in Hungarian "colours" after its return from Russia.

Benedek Levente

Two AS350Bs were transfered to the air force (serials 101 and 102) a few years ago. They were ex-air ambulance helicopters. Overhaul was done in 2018, used for training and VIP flights mostly.

Benedek Levente

Two Zlin Z-242L and two Zlin 143LS are used as trainers at Szolnok AFB.

Benedek Levente

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