The JF-17 Thunder is developed by PAC (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex) CAC (Chengdu Aircraft Corporation) from China. So far the Pakistan Air Force contracted 135 aircraft of the type. The next generation Block III will see another 50 delivered over the coming years.

Rogier Westerhuis

The mighty F-16C Block 52 blasts off at Antolian Eagle in Turkey.

Dino van Doorn

Begum Nusrat Bhutto/PAF Sukkur (OPSK)

RWY 14/32     POS 27°43'19"N 068°47'31"E     ELEV 196 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
PAF Sukkur
no permanently based aircraft
Jacobabad (OPJA)
Shahbaz AB

RWY 15/33, 15L/33R     POS 28°17'03"N 068°26'59"E     ELEV 185 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
39 (Tactical) Wing
5(MR)sq F-16C-52

11(MR)sq F-16A MLU

88(CS)sq AW139
11sq has moved to 39 Wing Shahbaz AB, originating from 38 Wing Mushaf AB.

Seen on a pre-delivery testflight is AW139 17-004, one of a larger order placed for AW139 helicopters.

Marco Muntz

Karachi/PAF Korangi Creek (--)

RWY none     POS 24°46'56"N 067°08'11"E     ELEV 18 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
PAF Korangi Creek
Pre-trade Training School (PTTS) F-6
These are in use as instructional airframes; it is not a flying base.

Four CN235s are operated since 2004.

Stephan de Bruijn

Masroor (OPMR)

RWY 04/22, 09/27     POS 24°53'37"N 066°56'24"E     ELEV 35 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
39 (Tactical) Wing
2(MR)sq JF-17 (Block II) (Proud) Minhasians
32 (Tactical Attack) Wing
4(EW)sq KE-03 Karakoram Eagles

7(TA)sq Mirage 3EA
Mirage 3DP

22(OCU)sq Mirage 3DP
Mirage 5EF
Mirage 3EL
Mirage 3BE
Mirage 3BL

84(CS)sq AW139

Station Flight PAC/MFI-17
PAF Base Masroor was named after Air Commodore Masroor Hussain, who was killed in an air crash in June 1967 while commanding PAF Mauripur.
8(TA)sq has been temporarily stood down and its pilots transferred to other units. The unit wil probably be resurrected in the future with another aircraft type.

The Pakistan Air Force operates a large fleet of Mirage 3 and 5 aircraft. It is a mixture of freshly produced aircraft and second hand examples from France, Australia, Lebanon and Libya. Around 50 Mirage 3OAs and Mirage 3ODs were bought during the late eighties and are serving the Air Force from Masroor. This one, 90-533, was delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force on 22 February 1966 and operated there as A3-33.

Rogier Westerhuis

Mianwali (OPMI)
PAF Base M.M. Alam

RWY 06L/24R, 06R/24L     POS 32°33'47"N 071°34'14"E     ELEV 690 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
37 (Combat Traning) Wing
1(FCU)sq K-8P Rahbers

20(OCU)sq F-7PG
Cheetahs / Eagles

Shooter(LIFT)sq F-7P

63(UAV)sq Wing Loong II Harriers

86(SAR)sq Alouette 3 Ababeel

Station Flight PAC/MFI-17

(unknown operator) Wing Loong II
PAF Base M.M. Alam was named after legendary fighter pilot Air Commodore (Retd) M M Alam.
The new Shooter squadron is tasked with Lead-In Fighter Training whereas 20sq is now the Operational Conversion Unit for F-7 pilots.
Satellite imagery shows two Wing Loong II UAS at Mianwali in 2021.

The K-8 Karakorum has become quite a succes after a somewhat slow start. It was co-developed with the Chinese who manufacture it.

Erwin van Dijkman

Minhas (--)

RWY 12/30     POS 33°52'13"N 072°24'00"E     ELEV 1030 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
33 (Tactical) Wing
3(AEW)sq Saab 2000
Saab 2000AEW

15(MR)sq J-10C Venomous Cobras

16(MR)sq JF-17
JF-17 (Block I, Block II)
JF-17 (Block III)
Black Panthers

62(UAV)sq Shahpar II

87(SAR)sq Alouette 3

1(UAV)Flight Abad

Station Flight PAF/MFI-17
Ministry of Defence Production
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra (PAC Kamra) JF-17 manufacture
MFI-395 manufacture
Mirage overhaul
F-7 overhaul
PAF Base Minhas is named after Flight Officer Rashid Minhas Nishan - i - Haider who laid down his life on 20 August 1971 in a T-33 hijacked by his instructor intending to fly it to India.
15sq is the first J-10 unit, with the Mirages transferring to newly erected 50sq.
The UAV's are usually forward deployed at various bases.

Falcon 20s are used by two different squadrons. This J-753 is a 24sq Blinders example.

Erwin van Dijkman

Mushaf (OPSR)

RWY 06/24, 14/32     POS 32°02'55"N 072°39'55"E     ELEV 614 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
38 (Multi-Role) Wing
9(MR)sq F-16A MLU

24(EW)sq Falcon 20 Blinders

61(UAV)sq Falco

82(CS)sq AW139 Stallions

6 Shaheen Training Corps Stemme S6T

Station Flight PAC/MFI-17
Airpower Center of Excellence

Combat Commanders School (CCS)
Mirage sq
Mirage 3EA
Mirage 5PA
Sky Bolts

Combat Commanders School (CCS)
JF-17 sq
JF-17 (Block I) Fierce Dragons

23(AS)sq F-7PG

Combat Commanders School (CCS)
29 sq
PAF Base Mushaf was named after Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir, Chief of the Air Staff, who was killed in an air crash on 20 February 2003.

The Stemme S6T motorgliders live in the shelters near the threshold of runway 32R.
The F-16 flight is now named 29sq and is thought to receive its own F-16s rather than loan them from other squadrons.

The 38th Wing at Mushaf operates a squadron with F-16A/B MLU. Seen here is a 9sq Griffins F-16B MLU.

Erwin van Dijkman

And 11sq Arrows moved to Shahbaz AB with their MLU F-16s.

Erwin van Dijkman

Nur Khan (OPRN)
Islamabad Intl

RWY 12/30     POS 33°36'60"N 073°05'57"E     ELEV 1668 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
35 (Composite Air Transport) Wing
6(ATS)sq C-130B

10(MRTT)sq Il-78MP Buffaloes

12(VIP)sq A319
Beech 350i
Falcon 20
Global 5000
Globe Trotters

41(VLC)sq Ce172
Y-12 II

52(ATS)sq CN235M-220 Markhors

TCS C-130 (on loan)
PAF Base Nur Khan was named after the second Pakistani Commander-in-Chief of PAF, Air Marshal (Retd) Nur Khan.

Pakistan has a wide variety of staff and VIP transports. Most look quite anonymous as can be seen with this Ce560XL J-754 of the VVIP flight. You can just make out the PAF-shield on the nose.

Jan Gerrits

Visiting Amsterdam/Schiphol for the Nuclear Security Summit was G450 J-756.

Erik Sleutelberg

PAF Bholari (--)

RWY 04/22     POS 25°14'37"N 068°02'07"E     ELEV 198 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
37 (Combat Traning) Wing
18(OCU)sq JF-17B Sharp Shooters
41 (Tactical) Wing
19(OCU)sq F-16A ADF

53(AEW)sq Saab 2000AEW Hawks
18(OCU)sq has replaced its F-7/FT-7P aircraft with two seat Thunders.

With well over 300 produced and current export orders under construction, the Mushshak family can be considered a huge succes.

Piet Luijken

PAF Murid (--)

RWY 14/32, HEL     POS 32°54'34"N 072°46'32"E     ELEV 1743 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
PAF Murid
64(UAV)sq Bayraktar TB2S

65(UAV)sq Bayraktar Akıncı Knights
Peshawar (OPPS)

RWY 17/35     POS 33°59'36"N 071°30'52"E     ELEV 1180 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
36 (Tactical Attack) Wing
17(AS)sq F-7PG

26(MR)sq JF-17 (Block I, Block II) Black Spiders

81(SAR)sq Alouette 3 Kangaroos

HFS Alouette 3

Station Flight PAC/MFI-17
17sq was at Quetta-Samungli under 31 Wing but moved to Peshawar to make room for a new JF-17 squadron to be based at Quetta-Samungli in 2018.

To fulfil the air refueling needs the Pakistan Air Force turned to Russia and ordered four Il-78MP aircraft. They have been in service since 2008 with 10(MRTT)sq at Islamabad.

Jim Walg

Quetta/Intl (OPQT)

RWY 13/31, 13R/31L     POS 30°15'05"N 066°56'16"E     ELEV 5267 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
31 (Air Superiority) Wing
28(MR)sq JF-17 (Block I, Block II) Phoenix

85(SAR)sq Alouette 3

Station Flight PAC/MFI-17

Both the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force are operating the Mil Mi-17, seen here is a Mi-171Sh, but with square windows.

Stephan de Bruijn

Rafiqui (OPRQ)

RWY 15L/33R, 15R/33L     POS 30°45'29"N 072°16'57"E     ELEV 492 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
34 (Tactical Attack) Wing
14(AS)sq JF-17 (Block II) Tail Choppers

25(TA)sq Mirage 5EF
Mirage 3DP
Mirage 5DD
(Night Strike) Eagles

27(TA)sq Mirage 5EF
Mirage 3DP

50(TA)sq Mirage 3DA
Mirage 3EA
Mirage 5DD
Mirage 5DR
Mirage 5PA

83(SAR)sq Alouette 3 Kites
PAF Base Rafiqui was named after Sqn Ldr Rafiqui, SJ, who laid down his life in action against IAF during 1965 war.

Pakistan is a regular customer for Chinese products. The F-7, a MiG-21 derivative, is operated by a number of squadrons and locally known as F-7P. Apart from the F-7P, Pakistan is also operating the F-7PG since 2002 and the FT-7 as shown here.

Rogier Westerhuis

This flightline shot shows some of the 12 single seat and 6 dual seat Block 52 F-16s of PAF. Normally found at Jacobabad, but seen here at Konya.

Ian French

Risalpur (OPRS)
PAF Academy Asghar Khan

RWY 09L/27R, 09R,27L     POS 34°04'52"N 071°58'21"E     ELEV 1050 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
Primary Flying Training Wing
1(PFT)sq PAC/MFI-17

2(PFT)sq PAC/MFI-17
Basic Flying Training Wing
1(BFT)sq T-37B

2(BFT)sq T-37B
Advanced Jet Training Wing
1(AJT)sq K-8
College of Flying Training
Flying Instructors School

PAC College Scheibe SF-25 Falke

PAF Formation Aerobatics Team - Sherdils K-8 Sherdils
38 (Multi-Role) Wing
6 Shaheen Training Corps Stemme S6T
The Primary Flying Training Wing, Basic Flying Training Wing and, the Advanced Jet Training Wing, also belong to the College of Flying Training, PAF Academy.

Risalpur is the cradle from whence many fighter pilots came. The distinctive tweeting sound of the T-37 is very familiar to them.

Erwin van Dijkman

Sharea Faisal (OPSF)
PNS Mehran (Karachi)

RWY 08/26     POS 24°52'29"N 067°07'04"E     ELEV 29 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
40 (Air Mobility) Wing
21(ATS)sq C-130E
Saab 2000

89(SAR)sq Mi-171Sh
PAF Base Faisal was named after Shaheed King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

Like many other countries in the world Pakistan is operating a fleet of C-130s. It is a mixture of former USAF, Iranian and Australian aircraft.

Erwin van Dijkman

Luckily, we sometimes get to see the Herks in Europe.

Stephan de Bruijn

Skardu/PAF Qadri (OPSD)

RWY 14/32, 15/33     POS 35°20'05"N 075°32'15"E     ELEV 7600 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge / markings
PAF Qadri
Permanent deployments
PAF Qadri was upgraded from FOB to MOB in 2021. Units keep a permanent detachment here on rotational basis.

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