Turkish National Intelligence Organization

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Turkish National Intelligence Organization


The Turkish Aerospace Industries Anka-I is a COMMINT/SIGINT version of the indigenous developed UAV. It made its first flight in March 2018 and can be seen overflying its birthplace: the TAI facilities at Mürted/Akinci.


Ankara/Etimesgut (LTAD)

RWY 11L/29R, 11R/29L     POS 39°56'59"N 032°41'19"E     ELEV 2653 ft

Command Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Milli Istehbaret Teskilati
MIT Aviation Unit S-70i
Bell 206L-3
Anka-I (UAV) on order

The Milli Istehbaret Teskilati (MIT) is the Turkish CIA equivalent and operates a number of aircraft, most probably including the S-76. Not the best picture, we know, but it is very rare.


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