Unlike many other Latino countries the FAU Dragonfly population's identities are rather straightforward. They received eight A-37B in 1976, and eight OA-37B in 1988/89. All the survivors serve Escuadrón Aéreo Nº 2 (Caza) at Durazno.

Erwin van Dijkman

Durazno (SUDU) Base Aérea Teniente 2 Mario W. Parrallada

RWY 03/21, 09/27     POS 33°21'32"S 056°29'57"W     ELEV 305 ft

Brigada Escuadrón Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Brigada Aérea II
Escuadrón Aéreo N°1 Ataque
A-58 (wfu 17mar17)

Escuadrón Aéreo N°2 Caza

Escuadrón de Vuelo Avanzado N°4
AT-92 (PC-7U)

Escuadrilla de Enlace
U-206 (CeU206H)
The civilian part of this airfield is also known as "Aeropuerto Internacional de Alternativa 'Santa Bernardina'".

Not the most exiting airplane but in military guise Barons are becoming a rarity. The EMA badge is visible on its tail

Jaap Dijkstra

General Artigas/Pando (SUGA) Escuela Militar de Aeronáutica

RWY 01/19     POS 34°44'51"S 055°57'40"W     ELEV 37 ft

Brigada Escuadrón Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Escuela Militar de Aeronáutica

UB-58 (Beech 58)
T-260 (F260EU)
L-13 Blanik

Factory fresh aircraft are not often acquired by Uruguay, the delivery of thirteen F260EU (T-260 in FAU service) in 1999 marking the welcome exception. The Escuela Militar de Aeronáutica operates them; sadly one was lost in 2003.

Jaap Dijkstra

Montevideo (SUAA) Aeropuerto Internacional Angel San Adami

RWY 18/36     POS 34°47'21"S 056°15'53"W     ELEV 174 ft

Brigada Escuadrón Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Brigada Aérea III
Escuadrón Aéreo N°7 Observación y Enlace
U-206 (CeU206H)
UB-55 (Beech B55)

The Huey has entered FAU service relatively late, in 1991. This example is from a batch arriving in 1998 and six more were received from the United States in March 2003 and four more arrived from Spain in 2009.

Jaap Dijkstra

Montevideo/Intl Carrasco 'Gral. Cesareo L. Berisso' (SUMU)

RWY 01/19, 06/24, 10/28     POS 34°50'18"S 056°01'51"W     ELEV 105 ft

Brigada Escuadrón Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Brigada Aérea I
Escuadrón Aéreo N°3 Transporte
C-29 (BAe125)
C-212 (C212)
C-95 (EMB110)
C-120 (EMB120)

Escuadrón Aéreo N°5 Helicópteros
Bell 212
Brigada de Mantenimiento y Abastecimiento

U-206 (Ce206)
Direccion General de Infraestructura Aeronautica

U-8F (Beech A65)

The PC-7U fleet is still going strong. they are known as AT-92 in FAU service and based at Durazno.

Jaap Dijkstra

Toledo Sur (--) Escuela Técnica de Aeronáutica Tnte.Cnel. José A. Rígoli

RWY HEL     POS 34°48'28"S 056°02'37"W     ELEV 66 ft

Brigada Escuadrón Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Escuela Técnica de Aeronáutica "Tnte.Cnel. José A. Rígoli"

Instructional Airframes

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