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Aviación Naval Uruguaya

Laguna del Sauce

Arriving in September 2006, this HB355 is one of the latest acquisitions, apart from six Bölkows received from Germany in July 2007.

Dick Lohuis

Laguna del Sauce (SULS)

RWY 01/19, 08/26     POS 34°51'19"S 055°05'39"W     ELEV 95 ft

Grupo Escuadrón Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Escuela de Aviación Naval
Grupo de Escuadrones
Escuadrón Antisubmarino y Exploración Beech B200
Beech 200T

Escuadrón de Helicópteros AB412
Mantenimiento General de la Aviación Naval
The civilian part of this airfield is also known as Maldonado Internacional.

Mentors have graced the Uruguay skies for many years, various subtypes having been operated by both air force and navy. This T-34C is one of two survivors of this particular model. It is on navy charge with Escuela de Aviación Naval at Laguna del Sauce.

Jaap Dijkstra

The navy has used several models of the S-58 for many years and this Wessex HC2 is one of five late acquisitions from the UK. Recently, the last survivor was withdrawn from use.

Jaap Dijkstra

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