Uzbekistan Armed Forces

Brief history
The Republic of Uzbekistan gained independence from the Soviet Union on 31 August 1991. Formerly called the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, its armed forces follow the same historic structure with Ground Forces, a Frontier Service, a National Guard and, of course, the Air and Air Defence Force. More recently the State Security Service was formed. Lastly, the Ministry of Emergency Situations may also operate aircraft.

Uzbekistan Air and Air Defence Force

Soviet Era
Uzbekistan inherited a sizeable portion of the 49th Air Army (49-я воздушная армия) of the Turkestan Military District. Units on Uzbek soil consisted of:

87th Seperate Aviation Regiment (87-й отдельный разведывательный авиационный полк) and 735th Bomber Aviation Regiment (735-й бомбардировочный авиационный полк), both at Khanabad-Karshi;

115th Guards Fighter Regiment (115-й гвардейский истребительный Оршанский орденов Кутузова и Александра Невского авиационный полк) at Kokaydy;

136th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment (136-й авиационный полк истребителей-бомбардировщиков) and 186th Separate Assault Aviation Regiment (186-й отдельный штурмовой авиационный полк) both at Chirchik;

396th Separate Helicopter Regiment (396-й отдельный вертолетный полк) at Kogon.

Post independence
This meant that after Uzbekistan gained independence, a fair amount of MiG-29s, Su-17s, Su-24s, Su-27s, various transports, Mi-6s, Mi-8s and Mi-24s were present. These were later augmented by L-39s, Su-25s and Su-27s. After starting with nine regiments, some units were amalgamated and air bases closed. More recently, the Uzbek AF turned to the West for its hardware sourcing C295, AS350s and H215Ms from Airbus.

Uzbekistan State Security Service / Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi Davlat Xavfsizlik Xizmati (DXX)

This entity was newly formed by Presidential decree on 14 March 2018. The secret service originated from the former USSR's KGB in 1991 when Uzbekistan gained its independence. As far as we know, they do not have aerial assets yet.

Uzbekistan Border Guard / Chegara Qo'shinlari (CQ)

Nominally, the Border Guard, Chegara Qo'shinlari (CQ), is part of the State Security Service (DXX). This branch of the armed force has no aerial assets yet either.

Uzbekistan Ministry of Emergency Situations / O'zbekiston Respublikasi Favqulodda vaziyatlar vazirligi (FVV)

In common with many other former Soviet republics, a Ministry of Emergency Situations exists in Uzbekistan. As far as we know, they do not operate their own aircraft yet.

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