TLP 2012-6

Air Force/Unit Type of Aircraft Serial/Code Role Arrival Departure
AdlA/EC02.004 Mirage 2000N 361/125-CK participant
AdlA/EC02.004 Mirage 2000N 338/125-CG participant
AdlA/EE00.008 Alpha Jet E E53/102-LI participant 7-11-2012
AdlA/EE00.008 Alpha Jet E E26/102-ND participant 7-11-2012
AdlA/UH01.067 SA330B 1620/AW external asset
AdlA/ET02.061 C-130H 5140/61-PD transport 5-11-2012
AdlA C-160R R223/64-GW external asset 16-11-2012
AdlA/CEAM TBM700A 95/XH transport 5-11-2012
AN/17F Super Etendard M 1 participant
AN/17F Super Etendard M 61 participant
AMI/4 St/9 Gr EF2000 MM7270/4-01 participant
AMI/4 St/9 Gr EF2000 MM7279/4-20 participant
AMI/36 St/12 Gr EF2000 MM7235/36-04 participant
AMI/36 St/12 Gr EF2000 MM7272/36-14 participant 7-11-2012
AMI/6 St Tornado MM7075/6-07 participant
AMI/6 St Tornado MM7087/6-36 participant
AMI AB212 nn external asset
AMI/14 St/8 Gr KC-767A MM62228/14-03 transport 8-11-2012 8-11-2012
BAC/1sm F-16AM FA57 participant 6-11-2012
BAC/1sm F-16AM FA101 participant 6-11-2012
BAC/1sm F-16AM FA109 participant 6-11-2012
BAC/1sm F-16AM FA121 participant 6-11-2012
BAC/1sm F-16AM FA129 participant 6-11-2012
BAC/20 sm C-130H CH10 transport 10-11-2012
BAC/20 sm C-130H CH11 transport 10-11-2012
BAC/21 sm A330 CS-TMT transport 10-11-2012
BAC/21 sm ERJ145LR CE03 transport 10-11-2012
EA/Essla 009 AV-8B+ VA.1B-35/01-923 external asset
EA/Essla 009 AV-8B+ VA.1B-39/01-927 external asset
RAF/8/23/54(R)sq Sentry AEW1 ZH103/03 external asset 8-11-2012
RAF/Marham Wing Tornado GR4 ZA447/EB-R participant
RAF/Marham Wing Tornado GR4 ZD792/100 participant
SP/31.BLT F-16C 4052 participant
SP/31.BLT F-16C 4058 participant
SP/31.BLT F-16C 4059 participant
SP/31.BLT F-16C 4062 participant
SP/13.eltr C295M 012 transport 2-11-2012 2-11-2012
USAFE/52 FW/480 FS F-16CM 91-0407/SP participant
USAFE/52 FW/480 FS F-16CM 91-0344/SP participant
USAFE/52 FW/480 FS F-16CM 90-0829/SP participant
USAFE/52 FW/480 FS F-16CM 96-0080/SP participant
USAFEE/86 AW/37 AS C-130J-30 08-8605/RS transport 3-12-2012 3-12-2013
Credit: Piet Luijken, many thanks to José.

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