TLP 2021-4

START: 15-11-2021 END: 03-12-2021
Serial Type Unit Special Role Arrival Departure  
115 F-16C 330 M   Participant      
118 F-16C 330 M   Participant      
128 F-16C 330 M   Participant      
139 F-16C 330 M   Participant      
30+53 EF2000 TLG74   Participant      
30+64 EF2000 TLG73   Participant      
30+76 EF2000 TLG74   Participant      
30+94 EF2000 TLG74   Participant      
31+18 EF2000 TLG73   Participant      
31+19 EF2000 TLG74   Participant      
43+38 Tornado IDS TLG33   Participant      
44+16 Tornado IDS TLG33   Participant      
44+23 Tornado IDS TLG33   Participant      
45+20 Tornado IDS TLG33   Participant      
45+35 Tornado IDS TLG33   Participant      
46+24 Tornado IDS TLG33   Participant      
46+28 Tornado IDS AG51   Participant      
46+40 Tornado IDS AG51   Participant      
D-CGFC Lj35A GFD   Target Towing    
41/2-FZ Mirage 2000-5F EC 01.002/SPA26   Participant      
47/2-EP Mirage 2000-5F EC 01.002/SPA3   Participant      
57/2-ET Mirage 2000-5F EC 01.002   Participant      
61/2-ME Mirage 2000-5F EC 01.002/SPA3   Participant      
67/2-MH Mirage 2000-5F EC 01.002   Participant      
603/3-XL Mirage 2000D nb   Participant      
614/3-JU Mirage 2000D nb   Participant      
625/3-XG Mirage 2000D EC03.003/1.GC III/3   Participant      
627/3-JO Mirage 2000D nb   Participant      
629/3-XO Mirage 2000D EC03.003/2.GC III/3   Participant      
636/3-JV Mirage 2000D nb   Participant      
659/3-XR Mirage 2000D ETD 04.003/SPA48   Participant      
C.15-50/12-08 EF-18M Ala 12   Participant      
C.15-57/12-15 EF-18M Ala 12   Participant      
C.15-67/15-33 EF-18M Ala 15   Participant      
HD.29-17/803-17 NH90TTH     CSAR 29/11/2021 01/12/2021  
HT.23-15/01-1016                          SH-60F     CSAR 29/11/2021 01/12/2021  
T.21-03 / 35-03 C295M Ala 35   Slow Mover      
MM7201/1-05 AV-8B Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati   Participant      
MM7214/1-08 AV-8B Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati   Participant      
MM7312/36-34 F-2000A 12° Gruppo   Participant      
MM7314/51-03 F-2000A 132° Gruppo   Participant      
MM7318/51-10 F-2000A 132° Gruppo   Participant      
MM7319/36-54 F-2000A 12° Gruppo   Participant      
LX-N90448 NAEW&CF NAEW&CF   Participant   29/11/2021  
LX-N90454 NAEW&CF NAEW&CF   Participant 29/11/2021    
Credit: Moshi Anahory, David Parody, Peter van Oostrum


   © DM Parody 2021 ( These images are protected by copyright. You CANNOT copy or republish any of these photos without written consent of the photographer even if you retain the watermark (if present) and/or credit the photographer. You cannot use on any media including social media either. You CAN post a link to the page where the image appears without reference to the photographer only if not promoting a commercial product or service. Copyright infringements will be followed up, legally if necessary. Thank you for your understanding.
The last TLP of the year is always challenging. Missions take place late on the day and the sun is low in the autumn. But sometime people are lucky, like David Parody who made beautiful shot on the first of December 2021.   Italian Typhoon in the evening light.  David Parody was visiting the media day on 1 December 2021 and got this beauty
m2000 moshiFrench Mirage2000-5's are becoming a rare breed in France as more and more will be replaced by Rafales. Moshi Anahory was lucky to still get a view during TLP 2021-4  f18 moshi
Two EF-18s from Ala12 at Torrejon joined the excercise (Moshi Anahory, 24 November 2021)

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