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The history of Scramble goes back all the way to 1979, when a couple of aviation enthusiasts from near Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport decided to publish its movements on a monthly basis. These eight stencilled papers stapled together were named "06-24 News", after one of the main runways at Schiphol. Soon the movements were complemented by airliner and airlines news, military news and the first pictures: Scramble was born!

Over the next three decades Scramble has evolved from those stencilled papers to one of the leading European aviation magazines in circulation, publishing on average around 140 pages of aviation news each month. In order to do so we use the latest editing software, which enables us to present all that news in a stylish way. 

Starting in 2019, we decided to move to a completely digital way of presenting our content. On our newly designed website, launched in August 2020, the most visible change was the addition of the military and civil news items. Publishing these via the new website was our first step in the transition from Scramble magazine in print to Scramble online. As of January 2022, we are publishing all of our content via this website only, a change we needed to make to secure the future of Scramble. All familiar sections from the previous website have also found their place on the new website

The main activities of the Dutch Aviation Society are:

* Maintaining the aviation website www.scramble.nl, which you are checking out right now!
* To organise spotter conventions. Every year we aim to hold at least two such conventions; one before the summer and one late autumn, early winter. The first one is a trade and sell event, where everyone can sell and/or trade aviation related products. The second one has the trade and sell element, but on top of that we host the annual ‘Nationale Spotterskampioenschappen’, NSK for short or Dutch Spotting Championships, plus organise an evening’s entertainment with interesting guest speakers from all over the world.
* Maintaining an aircraft database. We aim to cover a big chunk of all civil and military built aircraft, including changes in registration, owner, operator, air force, squadron, etc., and make this data available for you to query. We acknowledge the fact that no database is ever 100% correct, and actively encourage you to send in updates if you come across incorrect information. That function is available once you have entered a query here (en dan link naar de database sectie).
* Publishing from this aircraft database. Besides maintaining this database for you to query, we also use this data to generate aircraft, airline, air force and/or squadron overviews, which you can then find published as articles on our website.
* Other activities aimed at promoting the aviation hobby in general, and this means we will try and get involved with the local community when called for. This could be in the form of relaying requests for TV shows and of course our promotions stand at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days.

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Scramble magazine contains monthly information on aircraft registrations, civil and military aviation news, military updates, show reports, trip reports, articles covering a wide range of subjects and much more. On average we publish 140 pages of news every month, but more often than not we top that with a healthy margin.

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