October 03, 2022

Editorial October 2022

Scramble October 2022

This month the Movements Netherlands and Belgium will appear slightly later in the week, but we will give you the hyperlinks already. The avid reader might have noticed that for the second month running there is no PH register in the Civil News section. This is due to the Dutch aviation authorities not publishing their monthly register updates anymore. We are working hard to rectify this, so hopefully they will be back soon.

No less than four articles for you this month! We have Hawgsmoke 2022, Grifone 2022, World Economic Forum and Treasures of the North for your reading pleasure.

Hawgsmoke is a yearly gathering where A-10 pilots show off how to fly their jets, plus a social element is also a big part of this competition. Grifone 2022 is another yearly event, where the Italian armed forces and international participants and observers practise their skills in the art of search and rescue. Regular contributor Marco Muntz provided us with this article.

WEF was held in May of this year and we (and Jan Swart in particular) have compiled a list with all the visitors for this multinational gathering. The last article is Treasures of the North, where Gert Jan Mentink takes us on a visit to the National Museum of Flight, which is some 35 kilometres east of Edinburgh.

The regular monthly sections and articles can be found at: Movements Netherlands, Movements Belgium, Movements Elsewhere Military, Military Updates, Civil Updates, Soviet Updates, Dustpan & Brush, Wrecks & Relics and Articles.

Please keep sending in your pictures to either or Since going digital we are no longer limited to the number of pictures we can use, so please keep sending them in.

Photo: Rob van Disseldorp visited Boise (ID) for Hawgsmoke 2022 (see article) and took a picture of A-10C 81-0981/DM of 354th FS Bulldogs, on 6 September 2022.

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