Air Senegal welcomes L-410NGs

On 25 March 2024, Air Senegal took delivery of its first two Let L-410NGs. The two aircraft, OK-NGB (5002) and OK-NGC (5003) embarked on their ferry flight from Kunovice to Dakar on this date. The first leg of the delivery flight was to Genoa and from there onwards to Alicante. The next day, they flew to Casablanca and onwards to Gran Canaria. After a day's rest, both L-410NGs continued their final segment to Dakar on 28 March 2024.

The two L-410NGs are the first of eight ordered by the airline as part of its fleet renewal programme. They are outfitted with nineteen passenger seats and will be operated domestically and regionally.

Next to its new L-410NGs, Air Senegal's fleet is made-up of two ATR72-600s, one Airbus A220-300 (stored at Weeze), two A319s, two A321s (one parked at Dakar), and two A330-900s (one registered to Airhub and parked at Dakar).

In February 2023, the airline decided to cancel the planned lease of five A220s due to engines issues with its first delivered aircraft and late delivery of the other. As a result, Air Senegal's fleet renewal programme stalled a bit and is now looking at other options to bring in new jets. According to CH-Aviation, the airline is looking into bringing in the A321neo into the fleet.

Photo by Aircraft Industries.


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