Airbus announces 2020 orders & deliveries recap

On 8 January, Airbus announced it's annual recap of orders and deliveries. In the challenging year, the manufacturer managed to deliver 566 new planes and logged orders for 383 aircraft. After cancellations, the number of net orders for 2020 stands at 268. Airbus now has a backlog of 7,184 aircraft.

Compared to 2019, Airbus delivered 34% less aircraft. It managed to deliver ten A220-100s, 28 A220-300s, three A319s, three A320s, 253 A320neos, nine A321s, 178 A321neos, five A330-200s, one A330-300, three A330-800s, ten A330-900s, 45 A350-900s, fourteen A350-1000s and four A380s.

The manufacturer's breakdown of 383 new aircraft orders is six A220-100s, 58 A220-300s, 47 A319neos, 97 A320neos, 152 A320neos, one A330-200, one A330-800 and 21 A350-900s.

Cancelled were ten A220-100s, 24 A220-300s, 22 A320neos, eleven A321neos, 3 A330-200Fs, six A330-300s, seven A330-900s, 26 A350-900s and six A350-1000s. An interesting note with the cancellations is that Airbus doesn't have any A330-200Fs left on order. In total there are 38 A330-200Fs in service today.

Photo by FrenchPainter.

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