B737 Alaska 1 640Alaska Airlines reveals Star Wars B737

A long held tradition in Alaska Airlines are special coloured aircraft. In the past and present are Boeings and Airbus' flying around in various special colour schemes, promoting movies, sports teams, nature conservation and its partnership with Disneyland Resort.

Its latest addition is Boeing 737 N538AS (msn 41188), which is painted in a Star Wars-livery, as it promotes Disneyland Resort's latest attraction: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the newest land of adventure inside Disneyland park.

On 4 May 2022 (May the Fourth / May the Force Be With You, a well known slogan from the Star Wars-trilogy), the aircraft was revealed, showing a space black colour scheme with the iconic Millennium Falcon emblazoned on the tail chased by four TIE fighters.

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Disneyland Resort logos are featured in the centre of the fuselage. For a lighthearted touch, porgs (the cute avian creatures that lived on Luke Skywalker’s remote island) look back at passengers from both winglets, as another porg greets guests at the boarding door.

B737 Alaska 2 320 B737 Alaska 3 320

To bring the imagery to life, the plane’s exterior required 228 gallons of paint applied during 540 work hours over 27 days. For the painting, 23 base colours were used with numerous custom colours mixed onsite for the detailed airbrushing of the Millennium Falcon and the TIE fighters.

This video shows how the Boeing was transformed.

Photos: Alaska Airlines

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