A321 AmericanAirlines 640American Airlines expands Heritage Jet-fleet

American Airlines has expanded its Heritage Jet-fleet by adding two Airbus A321s. The two were repainted at Amarillo (TX) and are now back in service. A321 N581UW (6152) has received the livery of Piedmont, while A321 N582UW (6181) was painted in the livery of PSA Airlines.

The duo join eight other Heritage Jets in the American Airlines-fleet:

  • N578UW A321-231 (6035), flying in the US Airways-livery
  • N742PS A319-112 (1275), flying in the PSA Airlines-livery
  • N744P A319-112 (1287), flying in the Piedmont-livery
  • N745VJ A319-112  (1289), flying in the Allegheny-livery
  • N838AW A319-132 (2615), flying in the America West-livery
  • N915NN B737-823 (33227), flying in the TWA-livery
  • N916NN B737-823 (31163), flying in the Reno Air-livery
  • N917NN B737-823 (29572), flying in the AirCal-livery

Not officially Heritage Jets but still featuring a retro-livery are:

  • N905NN B737-823 (31156), flying in the American Airlines Astrojet-livery
  • N921NN B737-823 (33229), flying in the American Airlines bare metal-livery

Photo by American Airlines.

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