A223 CyprusAirways 640Cyprus Airways shelves planned A220-order

According to Aviation Week, Cyprus Airways is shelving plans to order directly Airbus A220-300s with the manufacturer until further notice. The reason for this decision is the ongoing issues with the Pratt & Whitney GTF-engines, that is also impacting the airline's current operations.

Originally, it was Cyprus Airways' plan to lease six A220s and order six A220s with Airbus. Now, the plan to place the order with Airbus is put on hold until at least 2027. To replace the expected capacity, the airline is seeking to lease additional A320s.

Cyprus Airways currently has two A220-300s in the fleet, of which one is grounded due to the engine issues. Later this year, it will take delivery of two more leased A220s, with two more to follow in 2025. Next to the A220, it also operates two A320s.

Photo by Cyprus Airways.

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