Once again a so called drug runner has crashed on landing in the jungle of Central America. This time an unknown Learjet was tracked by the Sistema Integral de Vigilancia Aérea de México (SIVA), translated as Comprehensive Air Surveillance System of Mexico. It was flying low between Pucté and Javier Rojo Gómez (Mexico) at night on 21 September. After it disappeared ground patrols were deployed but to no avail.

The following morning the wreck was located in the jungle being pushed by an excavator, near the border with Mexico, on a road in Santha Martha (Belize). A single armed person on the excavator was arrested and the Learjet was found empty. The registration on the engines, XA-DOC, has turned out to be fake. Let us see if the real identity of this jet will be published any time soon, but as is usual with these kind of accidents, we won’t hold our breath...

The real XA-DOC is a Learjet 36 with msn 36-009, and was last seen at Ft Lauderdale (FL) in January of this year.

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