FedEx B767 makes emergency landing at LAX!

On 19 August 2020, Boeing 767 N146FE (msn 43551), FedEx flight FX1026 (from Newark-Liberty International Airport (NJ) to Los Angeles International Airport (CA)), suffered landing gear issues on approach to LAXs runway 24L.

After selecting gear down on approach, the aircraft gave an 'unsafe gear' indication. The crew then reported to air traffic control (ATC) they were canceling the approach. In coordination with ATC the aircraft was positioned for a low approach over runway 24L, to allow ground observation of the lefthand main gear.

A low pass was performed in the dark at 03:41 hours local time. The two tower controllers were not able to see if the lefthand gear was down or not. It was agreed to perform another low pass. Vehicles were positioned along runway 24L and the flight was cleared to make another low pass at 200-300 feet.

That low pass was carried out at 03:59, after which the aircraft entered a brief holding pattern over open water. The crew advised they needed to talk to operations and maintenance. It was decided there was not a lot more that could be done.
The flight was then cleared for an emergency landing on runway 25R, with ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) standing by. The aircraft entered another holding pattern at 5,000 feet for about 40 minutes, then performed a partial gear down landing on runway 25R about 45 minutes after the second low pass.

Sparks were seen after touchdown, presumably coming from either the open lefthand main gear door touching the ground, or the number one engine. The aircraft came to a stop on the centreline of the runway, resting on its nose gear, its righthand main gear and its number one engine.

The crew evacuated the aircraft via a rope, through a cockpit window. One of the pilots suffered injuries during the evacuation. In the video below you can see him falling down before crawling away. Although we do not know what may have necessitated this action, we cannot help but think he may have disembarked safely if he had waited for help a few minutes.


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