Lease-deals update

Over the last weeks, quite a few airlines has signed lease-agreements for new aircraft. Let's play some catch-up, as the snippets are too small for their own post.

Greek carrier SKY Express announced on 18 January 2024, that it leased two additional new ATR72-600s from Abelo. The first one was already delivered in December, the second one is later this year. The two additional ATRs brings the number of ATR72-600s in the fleet to eight.

Also on 18 January 2024, Korean Air announced it will lease four of its Boeing B737MAX8s to low-cost subsidiary Jin Air. The aircraft are set to be transferred as of April this year and will bring the number of MAX8s in the fleet to six.

Icelandair has secured the lease of two A321neoLRs with CDB Aviation. The deal was announced on 23 January 2024 and delivery is scheduled for 2025. With this latest order, the airline now has lease-agreements for seven A321neoLRs, which it will lease as a stop-gap for the thirteen A321neoXLRs it has on order directly with Airbus. These are planned to arrive in 2029.

According to CargoFacts, Kalitta Air is set to lease three additional B777Fs, which should arrive at the end of this year. Currently, the cargo carrier has five B777Fs in the fleet which it operates for DHL. It's unclear from which lessor the B777Fs will be sourced from.

CDB Aviation also signed a lease-agreement on 25 January 2024 with WestJet. In total, the airline is leasing five additional Boeing B737MAX8s, which are set to arrive in 2025. Today, the airline already operates 32 B737-8s.

On 29 January 2024, DAE Aerospace Enterprise Ltd. made public that it has signed a lease-agreement with Turkish Airlines for ten new Boeing B737MAX8s. The aircraft are planned for delivery in 2025. The airline already operates 20 B737-8s and five B737-9s.

Photo by Icelandair.

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