MRJ chop 1 640SpaceJet being dismantled

Recently we reported on the cancellation of Mitsubishi's SpaceJet programme, including an overview of the last whereabouts of all test aircraft.

Four out of the five Flight Test Aircraft were parked at Moses Lake (WA), with number five still being in Japan, at Nagoya (we mistakingly said it was most likely parked at Moses Lake too).

FTA-3 JA23MJ (10003) was already dismantled there in March 2022, and this month FTA-1 JA21MJ (10001) was seen in the process of being reduced to small bits of metal.

Some people might wonder why not at least one prototype was donated to a museum, or given to a technical institution as an instructional airframe. Only Mitsubishi will have the answer to that question.

 MRJ chop 3 320

Credit: Breaking Aviation News

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