US B737 Transair 3 640Transair Boeing ditches in Pacific

On 2 July 2021, Transair flight T4-810 (Boeing 737-200 N810TA, msn 21116), from Honolulu-Daniel K. Inouye International Airport to Kahului Airport (both in Hawaii), had to ditch in the Pacific Ocean (in the waters off the island of Oahu, near Honolulu) during night time conditions, after failing to reach a landing spot.

The Classic Boeing 737, with two crew members onboard, had departed Honolulu's runway 08R when they stopped the climb at about 2,000 feet, reporting they had lost the left engine. Tower cleared the flight for a visual approach to runway 04R and the aircraft began to descend while trying to position for a return to the runway.

The crew advised they might lose their other engine, as it was running very hot, and requested the coast guard to dispatch a rescue ship.

Tower subsequently cleared the aircraft to turn onto a heading of 020 degrees for runway 04R, but the crew reported they no longer had the airport in sight. Tower reported they had a low level alert and cleared the flight to land on any runway. All operations at the airport were stopped, emergency services were called out and the coast guard were on their way out as well.

ATC then provided a heading of 310 degrees, directly to Honolulu's Kalaeloa Airport, but did not receive a reply from the aircraft anymore. The Boeing did not make it to the airport and needed to ditch in the Ocean, about 2.7 miles short of the Kalaeloa's runway 29.

US B737 Transair 1 320

Both crew were rescued, one pilot was airlifted to a hospital, the other taken ashore by a rescue boat and taken to a hospital. The hospital reported one of the pilots was in the intense care unit (ICU) in critical condition, the other received serious head injuries and multiple lacerations and was in serious condition.

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