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Beech Queen/King Air & Starship

56156 records found

Updated: 2021-04-14 12:56:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
N218KA Beech 250 BY-218 Beechcraft Corp. Jun 2014
N5522X Beech C90A LJ-1223 Julico Corp Canx dec1995
N6408C Beech 350 FL-708 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Mar 2010
N8227P Beech C90B LJ-1327 Beech Aircraft Corp.
N37164 Beech 350 FL-464 Raytheon Aircraft Co. Nov 2005
N5120K Beech 350i FL-920 Beechcraft Corp. Feb 2014
82-23784 C-12D BP-32 United States Army
161201 UC-12B BJ-17 United States Navy Sep 1980
YV-262CP Beech 200 BB-533 ? Jul 1979
N202CC Beech E90 LW-198
RP-C3650 Beech C90 LJ-662 Orient Leaf Tobacco Co Inc
N99ML Beech B200GT BY-25 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Nov 2007
N110KA Beech 200 BB-505 Siegfried Co
N4600A Beech 100 B-63
N1555N Beech 200 BB-25 William M. Brothers Jan 1985
N232A Beech A90 LJ-237
D-IASB Beech 200 BB-407 Delta Air Regionalflugverkehr Oct 1978
N199KA Beech 250 BY-199 Beechcraft Corp. Nov 2013
N77W Beech E90 LW-262 Page Beechccraft Inc Jan 1978
N764K Beech 90 LJ-61
N1553G Beech C90A LJ-1214 Cargill-Detroit Corp 12 Apr 1990
N925B Beech 100 B-4
N610K Beech A90 LJ-187
N412KA Beech 350 FL-612 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Aug 2008
N621MJ Beech 350i FL-820 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Oct 2012
N3206K Beech 350 FL-260 HPP Aviation Services Inc 14 Oct 1999
84-0174 C-12F BL-104 United States Air Force
N9FC Beech 200 BB-430
N8059Y Beech B200 BB-1437 Beechcraft Sales South Inc
N3091W Beech E90 LW-61
N9250Q Beech C90 LJ-523
HK-2873X Beech C90 LJ-994 AVIEL Ltda 3 Aug 1982
N3002S Beech 90 LJ-103 Allen Godwin
N221P Beech B200 BB-1144 Air Service Inc Mar 1984
N314YV Beech 1300 BB-1314 Mesa Airlines Feb 1989
N862CC Beech C90B LJ-1499 Raytheon Aircraft Co. 24 Dec 1997
N7219D Beech C90A LJ-1099
N345V Beech E90 LW-23 Fred Fiore Coal Co
9J-AAT Beech B90 LJ-484
N5085P Beech 250 BY-185 Beechcraft Corp. Jun 2013
N211BB Beech 200 BB-300 Barnett Operations Co Sep 1981
N1552D Beech C90A LJ-1204 Woodstock Motor Car Co Inc
N1057L Beech C90B LJ-1457 Sam R. Shapiro 26 Mar 1997
73-1218 C-12A BD-14 United States Air Force Converted to C-12C
HB-GJL Beech 350 FL-183 Breitling SA 25 Nov 1997
N800JD Beech B200 BB-1022 Piedmont Aviation Inc Apr 1982
N880G Beech 88 LP-28 Beech Aircraft Corp.
N18269 Beech 200 BB-269 State of Missouri Government Sep 1977
PH-NLR Beech 80 LD-120 St. Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium
76-22546 C-12C BC-22 United States Army

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