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Moron 2013

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Moron 101º Aniversario de la Fuerza Aérea Argentina
Date: 16-8-2013
C-240 A-4P MNA freshly painted
TC-330 Br170-1A MNA under restoration
TC-60 C-130B MNA  
PG-377 CeA182N(FMA) INAC  
C-122 F-86F MNA  
E-501, E-502 G120TP FAdeA  
E-503, E-504 G120TP FAdeA  
E-803, E-816 IA-63 Pampa CB2/G4C  
C-432 IAI M5 Finger MNA new exhibit, hangar 3
B-004 Lincoln B2 MNA as “B-010”
C-041 Meteor F4 MNA  
E-207 MS760A MNA  
PG-433, PG-434 PA-A25-235 INAC  
PG-444 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-312 PA-28RT-201 INAC  
PG-321 PA-A34-220T INAC  
E-390 Prentice T1 MNA  
E-818 AT-63 Pampa II CB2/G4C  
E-820 AT-63 Pampa CB2/G4C Cruz del Sur c/s
T-9 Viking 1B MNA under restoration
AE-450 Bell 212 GHA601  
LV-X497 CZ-11 Pampero FAdeA  
C-920, C-932 +1 A-4AR G5C  
T-50 F28-1000 GA1  
TC-53 F28-1000C GA1  
T-25 Lj35A GA2  
VR-24 Lj35A GA1  
TC-64 +1 C-130E G1TA  
TC-70 KC-130H G1TA  
A-524 +3 IA-58D G3A  
TC-100 L-100-30T G1TA  
1x IAI M5 Finger G6C  
1x IAI M5 Dagger T G6C  
PG-443, PG-446 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-450 PA-A28-236 INAC  
H-89 Bell 212 GA7  
H-94, H-95 Mi-171E GA7  
This show saw the public debut of the Grob 120TP. Some museum exhibits were outside, enabling better photography. We are indebted to Carlos Abella’s Roll Out blog for most of the log above. Further airct were seen practicing for the fly-by at El Palomar on the 15th but not reported at Morón the day after:
E-113, E-128 EMB312A EAM  
E-129 EMB312A EAM  


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