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Morón 2014

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Morón Semana de la Fuerza Aérea
Date: 6-10 August 2014
C-240 A-4B MNA  
C-122 F-86F MNA  
H-93 CH-47C MNA  
IA-X-33 I.Ae.33 MNA  
AX-01 IA-58 MNA cockpit
C-427 IAI M5 Dagger i/a  
C-432 IAI M5 Dagger MNA  
E-207 MS760 MNA  
E-247 MS760A MNA*  
PG-433, PG-434 PA-AR-25-235 INAC/MNA  
PG-445 PA-28-236 INAC  
AE-450 Bell 212 B Helic Asal 601  
AE-446 UH-1H Esc Av Expl Atq 602  
(0872)/6-P-56 P-3B EA6E  
PA-42 AS365N2 SEAV  
GN-924 HB350B2 Gendarmería Nacional  
GN-812 PC-12NG Gendarmería Nacional  
LQ-BXI/H-11 EC135T2i Policia Federal Argentina  
LQ-WFO/H-8 Bo105CBS4 Policia Federal Argentina  
LV-BEF Bell 407 LA Gold  
LV-BEH C-47D Private  
LV-BZX Bo105CBS4 Modena Air Service  
LV-COM Bo105CBS5 C5N  
LV-FUA B737-8HX Aerolíneas Argentinas  
LV-GID Bo105CB Modena Air Service  
LV-JFH Beech H18S Private  
LV-WTX B737-200 CIATA  
LV-ZZW Bo105CBS2 Helisafe  
C-920, C-925 A-4AR G5C  
C-926, C-932 A-4AR G5C  
C-935 A-4AR G5C  
H-89 Bell 212 GA7  
H-102 Bell 412EP GA7  
TC-64, TC-66 C-130H G1TA  
TC-69 KC-130H G1TA  
PG-395 CeA150L INAC  
PG-344, PG-350 CeA182J INAC  
PG-377, PG-380 CeA182N INAC  
VR-23 Ce210 Gpo de Guerra Electrónica  
T-82, T-87 DHC-6-200 IX BA  
E-104, E-110 EMB312A EAM  
E-128, E-129 EMB312A EAM  
TC-79 F27-400M II BA  
TC-52, TC-53, TC-54 F28-1000C I BA  
E-502, E-504 Grob 120TP-A EAM  
A-588, A-580 IA-58D G3A  
A-__2 +2 IA-58 G3A  
E-805, E-806 IA-63 Pampa II G4C  
E-816, E-820 IA-63 Pampa II G4C  
1x IAI M5 Dagger T G6C  
1x IAI M5 Finger G6C  
TC-100 L-100-30 G1TA  
T-22, T-25, T-26 Lj35A II BA  
VR-24 Lj35A II BA  
C-630 M5A Mara G6C  
H-94, H-95 Mi-171E GA7  
PG-322, PG-323 PA-A34-220T INAC  
PG-441, PG-442 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-443, PG-444 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-445, PG-446 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-447, PG-448 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-450 PA-A28-236 INAC  
PG-313 PA-A28RT-201 INAC  
PG-457 PA-31P INAC  
VR-22 +1 PA-31P-425 INAC  
V-25/FD PIK-20D EAM  
PGH-03 RH500D GA7  
H-39, H-40 +1 RH500D GA7  
T-31, T-34 Saab 340B IX BA  
The yearly aviation week saw Moron open its gates with the climax on 10 August, the day of the flypast commemorating 102 years of the air force!

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