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Amberly 2004

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Date: 2 October 2004

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222			AS332M		126sq/SingAF    
273			AS532UL	        126sq/SingAF    
A2-771			UH-1H	        nn              
A4-152, A4-204		DHC-4A	        38sq            
A4-214			DHC-4A	        38sq            
A8-132	                F-111G	        1sq             
A8-143	                F-111G	        6sq	spec mks
A8-272	                F-111G	        6sq             
A9-751/LO-180		P-3C	        11sq            
A17-016			Bell 206B-1	162(R)sq
A20-...	                B707-338C	33sq    
A21-109	                F/A-18B		2nd OCU         
A23-023, A23-028	PC-9/A	        2nd FTS      
A23-047			PC-9/A	        2nd FTS      
A23-063	                PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes
A25-221	                S-70A-9	        4 AvnRgt     
A27-04	                Hawk Mk127	76sq 
A32-346	                Beech 350	32sq 
A97-440	                C-130J-30	37sq 
N24-004	                S-70B-2		816sq        
N29-150160/844		SH-2G(A)	805sq
N29-151310/845		SH-2G(A)	805sq
VH-HPZ			Beech B200C	173sq/1st Avn

A2-295, A2-487		UH-1H		nn              
A2-508			UH-1H	        nn              
A4-225, A4-234		DHC-4A	        38sq            
A8-138, A8-142		F-111G	        6sq             
A8-144			F-111G	        6sq	spec mks
A9-...			P-3C	        nn              
A15-103, A15-104	CH-47D	        Csq/5th AvnRgt  
A17-006, A17-011	Bell 206B-1	nn
A17-036			Bell 206B-1	nn
A21-25, A21-34		F/A-18C		2nd OCU      
A23-046, A23-050	PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes
A23-052, A23-057	PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes
A23-061, A23-064	PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes
A23-067			PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes
A25-101, A25-114	S-70A-9	        5th AvnRgt   
A25-207			S-70A-9	        5th AvnRgt   
A27-15			Hawk Mk127	76sq
A27-16			Hawk Mk127	76sq	spec mks
A97-009			C-130H		36sq 
N22-013/860		AS350B	        723sq
N22-015/862		AS350B	        723sq
N24-006/75		S-70B-2	        816sq

A3-55			Mirage 3O(A)	pres
A84-125			Canberra T21	std, ex ARDU
A84-203			Canberra T21	std
A94-962			CA-27 Mk32	pres
42-86786		A-20G		std

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