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Avalon 1992

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Date: 21 October 1992

Made by:


Serial:    C/n:             Type:                       Operator:       Remarks: 
NZ6205                      A-4K SKYHAWK                R.N.Z.A.F. 
VH-EXP                      AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-IBV                      AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-LST                      AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-UJA                      AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-UJL                      AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-UJU                      AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-UJM     3117             AEROCOMMANDER               PRIVATE 
VH-JAD                      AKRO LASER                  PRIVATE 
CCCP-82033 9773051932161    ANTONOV AN124               RUSSIAN A.F.    "21" 
SP-FAO                      ANTONOV AN2                 PRIVATE 
VH-HVT                      AS350 SQUIRREL              PRIVATE 
VH-XMR                      AS350 SQUIRREL              PRIVATE 
VH-RTV     1290             AS350 SQUIRREL              PRIVATE 
VH-PVM     2058             AS350 SQUIRREL              PRIVATE 
VH-HRA     5048             AS355 SQUIRREL              PRIVATE 
VH-HWA     5145             AS355 SQUIRREL              PRIVATE 
VH-LUI                      AUGUSTA A109                PRIVATE 
VH-TMA                      AUGUSTA A109                PRIVATE 
VH-KAZ                      AUSTER AIGLET               PRIVATE 
VH-ADQ     2701             AUSTER AIGLET               PRIVATE 
VH-UEB     3369             AUSTER ALPHA                PRIVATE 
VH-CRR     2352             AUSTER ARCHER               PRIVATE 
VH-BYU     3155             AUSTER AUTOCAR              PRIVATE 
VH-OZE                      BAC 204 MOSQUITO            PRIVATE 
G-LRBJ     259004           BAE 125                     PRIVATE 
A10-605    1605             BAE 748                     R.A.A.F. 
VH-MJE     4922             BEECH 17                    PRIVATE 
VH-BBL     67755            BEECH 17                    PRIVATE 
VH-AJM                      BEECH 200                   PRIVATE 
VH-RVD                      BEECH 35                    PRIVATE 
VH-TYE                      BEECH 35                    PRIVATE 
VH-CHX     D-7946           BEECH 35                    PRIVATE         W/O BALLARAT. 
N8246Q                      BEECH 350                   PRIVATE 
VH-KMT                      BEECH 36                    PRIVATE 
VH-BBD     E-124            BEECH 36                    PRIVATE 
VH-BIG     E-626            BEECH 36                    PRIVATE 
N81661     RK-35            BEECH 400                   PRIVATE 
VH-LFC     TH-1475          BEECH 58                    PRIVATE 
VH-HHX     TH-270           BEECH 58                    PRIVATE 
VH-BQA     LD-456           BEECH 65                    PRIVATE 
VH-ILM                      BEECH 95                    PRIVATE 
VH-INP                      BEECH 95                    PRIVATE 
VH-KMZ                      BEECH 95                    PRIVATE 
VH-WDB                      BEECH A36                   PRIVATE 
VH-WTW     E-252            BEECH A36                   PRIVATE 
N55626                      BEECH F33                   PRIVATE 
VH-ALV                      BELL 206                    PRIVATE 
VH-OKB                      BELL 206                    PRIVATE 
VH-SWH                      BELL 206                    PRIVATE 
VH-NBP     4185             BELL 206                    PRIVATE 
VH-BKU     45487            BELL 206                    PRIVATE 
VH-LAM                      BELL 212                    LLOYD 
VH-NSU                      BELL 212                    PRIVATE 
VH-TOP                      BELLANCA                    PRIVATE 
VH-KLE     329-76           BELLANCA                    PRIVATE 
VH-CUM     628-80           BELLANCA                    PRIVATE 
VH-OGM     25575            BOEING 767                  QANTAS 
VH-JUX                      BOEING STEARMAN             PRIVATE         317. 
VH-MUT                      BUSHBY MUSTANG              PRIVATE 
A97-004    4784             C-130H HERCULES             R.A.A.F. 
69-0013    500-0044         C-5A GALAXY                 U.S.A.F. 
VH-AGJ     1443             CA-18 MUSTANG               PRIVATE         A68-118. 
VH-BOB     A68-104          CA-18 MUSTANG               PRIVATE         A68-104. 
VH-AGP                      CA-25 WINJEEL               PRIVATE         A85-434. 
VH-WIJ                      CA-25 WINJEEL               PRIVATE         A85-436. 
VH-BFX     A85-402          CA-25 WINJEEL               PRIVATE         A85-402. 
VH-HWI     A85-460          CA-25 WINJEEL               PRIVATE         A85-460. 
VH-BOM     A46-206          CAC12 BOOMERANG             PRIVATE         A46-206. 
VH-DCD     015              CALAIR SKYFOX               PRIVATE 
A84-232                     CANBERRA                    R.A.A.F.        GATE GUARD. 
A4-228                      CARIBOU                     R.A.A.F. 
144615                      CC-144 CHALLENGER           C.A.F. 
VH-NNW                      CESSNA 120                  PRIVATE 
VH-UPS                      CESSNA 150                  PRIVATE 
VH-WSV                      CESSNA 152                  PRIVATE 
VH-EUI                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-FYA                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-HWO                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-JVG                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-KJJ                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-LBK                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-LGP                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-NCD                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-PJA                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-SQW                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-TBF                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-TLM                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-WFO                      CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-EKM     59666            CESSNA 172                  PRIVATE 
VH-PJE                      CESSNA 180                  PRIVATE 
VH-IQP                      CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-KRS                      CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-PKA                      CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-TMV                      CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-XTK                      CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-ATR     53390            CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-APM     63848            CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-DKN     64555            CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-WIE     66287            CESSNA 182                  PRIVATE 
VH-SIA                      CESSNA 185                  PRIVATE 
VH-LGU                      CESSNA 206                  PRIVATE 
VH-MRS     1006             CESSNA 206                  PRIVATE 
VH-DFS                      CESSNA 210                  PRIVATE 
VH-FFA                      CESSNA 310                  PRIVATE 
VH-IFF                      CESSNA 310                  PRIVATE 
VH-NXA                      CESSNA 310                  PRIVATE 
VH-RCG                      CESSNA 310                  PRIVATE 
VH-SKT                      CESSNA 310                  PRIVATE 
VH-LCN     0914             CESSNA 310                  PRIVATE 
VH-KFL                      CESSNA 337                  PRIVATE 
VH-LKM                      CESSNA 340                  PRIVATE 
VH-RBH                      CESSNA 340                  PRIVATE 
VH-AMU                      CESSNA 402                  PRIVATE 
VH-FCL                      CESSNA 402                  PRIVATE 
VH-BPZ     0103             CESSNA 402                  PRIVATE 
VH-JOH                      CESSNA 404                  PRIVATE 
VH-ANP     0064             CESSNA 404                  PRIVATE 
VH-JYY     0224             CESSNA 414                  PRIVATE 
VH-UEJ                      CHAMPION 7                  PRIVATE 
VH-LDD                      CORBY STARLET               PRIVATE 
A19-027                     CT-4A AIRTRAINER            R.A.A.F. 
VH-HSH                      DH82 TIGER MOTH             PRIVATE         A17-667. 
VH-SSK                      DH82 TIGER MOTH             PRIVATE 
VH-FBO     R5023            DH82 TIGER MOTH             PRIVATE 
VH-UUL                      DH85 LEOPARD MOTH           PRIVATE 
VH-BGP     M2524            DH89 DRAGON RAPIDE          PRIVATE 
VH-ADN     5009             DHA3 DROVER                 PRIVATE 
VH-NMX                      DHC1 CHIPMUNK               PRIVATE 
VH-RTW                      DHC1 CHIPMUNK               PRIVATE 
VH-OVM                      DOUGLAS DC3                 PRIVATE 
VH-NDF     V80              DRAGONFLY                   PRIVATE 
D-EFEA                      EXTRA 300                   PRIVATE 
A8-114                      F-111C                      R.A.A.F. 
A21-117                     F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-34                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-37                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-38                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-43                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-51                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-52                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-56                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
A21-57                      F/A-18 HORNET               R.A.A.F. 
VH-CMB     362              FAIRCHILD ARGUS             PRIVATE 
VH-FLB                      FLETCHER FU24               PRIVATE 
VH-LDN                      FORNEY AIRCOUPE             PRIVATE 
VH-FJG                      FUJI FA200                  PRIVATE 
A18-317    166              GAF NOMAD                   AUSTRALIAN ARMY 
A18-318    167              GAF NOMAD                   AUSTRALIAN ARMY 
A18-320    169              GAF NOMAD                   AUSTRALIAN ARMY 
77         477              GARDIAN                     AERONAVALE 
VH-OOA     178              GLASSAIR                    PRIVATE 
VH-SHA     V106             GLASSAIR                    PRIVATE 
VH-USR     53833            HARVARD                     PRIVATE         93555. 
VH-XNZ     88-13188         HARVARD                     PRIVATE         NZ1024. 
VH-CLX     14098            HERON                       PRIVATE 
VH-DGA                      HOWARD DGA-15               PRIVATE 
RA-76786   00934 96 923     ILYUSHIN IL76TD             PACIFIC EXPRESS 
C96005     30000002         ILYUSHIN IL96-300           AEROFLOT 
C30004                      KAMOV KA32                  AEROFLOT 
60-0341    18116            KC-135R                     U.S.A.F. 
VH-LTG     N176             KITFOX                      PRIVATE 
VH-JLV                      LAKE LA4                    PRIVATE 
VH-EQI     402              LAKE LA4                    PRIVATE 
VH-UZO                      LOCKHEED 10                 PRIVATE 
VH-XUS                      LOCKHEED LODESTAR           PRIVATE         42-55951. 
VH-MPJ                      MAULE ROCKET                PRIVATE 
VH-LPI     4015C            MAULE ROCKET                PRIVATE 
VH-ENG     150614           META SOKOL                  PRIVATE 
VH-KDT     DC-800B          METROLINER                  KENDALL 
VH-LSN                      MIG 15 UTI                  PRIVATE         6015. 
VH-DIE     3804             MIG 15 UTI                  PRIVATE         15. 
C70895                      MIL MI-17                   KAZAN HELICOPTERS 
VH-AAT     193              MILES MAJOR                 PRIVATE 
A3-45                       MIRAGE 3                    R.A.A.F.        DERELICT. 
A3-63                       MIRAGE 3                    R.A.A.F.        FUSELAGE ONLY. 
VH-YCF                      MOONEY                      PRIVATE 
VH-CYG     2768             MOONEY                      PRIVATE 
VH-NNB     2951208          NANCHANG CJ-6A              PRIVATE         2751248. 
A9-755     285D.5664        P-3C ORION                  R.A.A.F. 
VH-PNV                      PARTENAVIA VICTOR           PRIVATE 
VH-PEW                      PAZMANY PL2                 PRIVATE 
VH-MMP                      PIAGGIO P166                PRIVATE 
A23-032                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-033                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-038                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-039                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-042                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-043                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-053                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
A23-056                     PILATUS PC9                 R.A.A.F. 
VH-LJC                      PIPER LANCE                 PRIVATE 
VH-OEL                      PIPER LANCE                 PRIVATE 
VH-RCB                      PIPER LANCE                 PRIVATE 
VH-NLA                      PIPER PA22                  PRIVATE 
VH-PKP                      PIPER PA22                  PRIVATE 
VH-JEN                      PIPER PA23                  PRIVATE 
VH-RJR                      PIPER PA23                  PRIVATE 
VH-TOK                      PIPER PA23                  PRIVATE 
VH-CBP     27-2875          PIPER PA23                  PRIVATE 
VH-GAT                      PIPER PA24                  PRIVATE 
VH-MCD                      PIPER PA24                  PRIVATE 
VH-TNC                      PIPER PA25                  PRIVATE 
VH-FEZ                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-JIT                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-MFD                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-MIZ                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-MLT                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-NBF                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-RUX                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-SXB                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-TRV                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-UWO                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-WAF                      PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-ARC     21446            PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-RSU     7135006          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-DWK     7515398          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-BUJ     7610118          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-AYC     7615391          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-FFK     7716265          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-NDR     7816357          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-BNU     8016227          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-BMI     8118027          PIPER PA28                  PRIVATE 
VH-BPC     1957             PIPER PA30                  PRIVATE 
VH-BKE                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-JIC                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-MJA                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-NOS                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-OZM                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-OZO                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-OZP                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-TAS                      PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-DWX     371              PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-OYO     7612053          PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-UBC     7952196          PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-DXI     8020005          PIPER PA31                  PRIVATE 
VH-BTS     7340070          PIPER PA32                  PRIVATE 
VH-WSX     7680026          PIPER PA32R                 PRIVATE 
VH-FFG                      PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-FIH                      PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-IEE                      PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-SRT                      PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-STW                      PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-TZF                      PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-IOZ     8070027          PIPER PA34                  PRIVATE 
VH-LRU     20708            PIPER PA39CR                PRIVATE 
VH-HZK                      PIPER PA44                  PRIVATE 
VH-NLO                      PIPER PA44                  PRIVATE 
VH-BNP     7995122          PIPER PA44                  PRIVATE 
VH-NOU                      PIPER PA60                  PRIVATE 
VH-XII     V70              PITTS S1E                   PRIVATE 
VH-UPU                      PITTS S2A                   PRIVATE 
VH-CZY     V105             PUFFER COZY                 PRIVATE 
VH-LOQ                      QUICKIE Q200                PRIVATE 
VH-UCG                      QUICKIE Q200                PRIVATE 
VH-NJI                      RILEY DOVE                  PRIVATE 
VH-ABM     04097            RILEY DOVE                  PRIVATE 
VH-NBM     04416            RILEY DOVE                  PRIVATE 
VH-ACW                      ROBINSON R22                PRIVATE 
VH-HHF     0188             ROBINSON R22                PRIVATE 
VH-FDH     0384             ROBINSON R22                PRIVATE 
VH-ACN     2178             ROBINSON R22                PRIVATE 
VH-PRR     14219            ROCKWELL 114                PRIVATE 
VH-ROT                      ROTORWAY EXEC 90            PRIVATE 
VH-XTC                      RUTAN LONG EZE              PRIVATE 
VH-RPT     1039             RYAN PT-22                  PRIVATE         41-1918. 
VH-AGW     465              RYAN STM2                   PRIVATE         S-29. 
A25-114                     S-70A BLACKHAWK             AUSTRALIAN ARMY 
A25-204                     S-70A BLACKHAWK             AUSTRALIAN ARMY 
A25-212                     S-70A BLACKHAWK             AUSTRALIAN ARMY 
N24-013                     S-70B SEAHAWK               R.A.N. 
VH-KDK     016              SAAB SF340                  KENDALL 
VH-EKD     155              SAAB SF340                  KENDALL 
VH-OVO     43647            SNJ-5B TEXAN                PRIVATE         112330. 
F-OHBH                      SOCATA TBM700               PRIVATE 
VH-JGB                      SONERAI                     PRIVATE 
VH-SOR                      SOPWITH PUP REPLICA         PRIVATE 
N22-013                     SQUIRREL                    R.A.N. 
VH-ISR                      STINSON RELIANT             PRIVATE 
VH-HVD     8817T8672        T6 HARVARD                  PRIVATE         NZ1075. 
NZ6256                      TA-4K SKYHAWK               R.N.Z.A.F. 
VH-PJS     Q9               TAYLOR JT1                  PRIVATE 
VH-IXI                      THORP T18                   PRIVATE 
VH-YTA                      TOBAGO                      PRIVATE 
VH-LQJ                      TRINIDAD                    PRIVATE 
VH-NVV     715              UH-1B IROQUOIS              PRIVATE         N9-3104. 
VH-PRV                      VANS RV4                    PRIVATE 
VH-SOL                      VANS RV4                    PRIVATE 
VH-EZO                      VARI-EZE                    PRIVATE 
VH-HPC                      VARI-EZE                    PRIVATE 
VH-WEK                      WEATHERLY 620B              PRIVATE 
VH-NAZ                      ZENAIR CH200                PRIVATE 

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