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Laverton 1988

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Date: 23 October 1988

Made by:


A1-410 		Sioux 		(GI Airframe)
A2-1024 	UH-1B 		(GI Airframe)
A4-285 		DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A7-068          MB326H 		CFS  
A8-145          F-111C 		6Sqdn
A9-759          P-3C 		10Sqdn 
A10-601 	H748 		SAN     
A19-069 	CT4
A23-002 	PC-9 		CFS
A21-32 		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A65-111 	C-47 		(nose)
A97-189 	C-130E 		37Sqdn
A85-436 	Winjeel
A85-440/VH-HFM	Winjeel
A85-450		Winjeel
A98-350/VH-TVD 	Cessna 180
A2-085 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn 
A2-278 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn 
A2-455 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn 
A2-507 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn 
A4-204 		DHC-4 		38Sqdn (79Sqdn badge)
A10-602 	HS748 		SAN
A10-606 	HS748 		SAN
A10-608 	HS748 		SAN
A15-007         CH-47C 		12Sqdn
A15-011         CH-47C 		12Sqdn
A22-001         AS350B 		5Sqdn                    
A23-005         PC-9 		CFS                        
A25-103         UH-60A 		9Sqdn                    
A97-012         C-130H 		36Sqdn                   
A14-653         PC-6B 		Army                      
A17-026         Kiowa 		Army                      
A11-40/VH-BCG 	Auster
A59-67/SF-F	Ventura
A64-118/VH-AGJ 	Mustang
A65-71/VH-CIN 	C-47
A79-636 	Vampire T35
A85-401 	Winjeel
NZ934 		Harvard 	RNZAF
A2-382 		UH-1B 		(starboard half only)
A19-076 	CT4 		1FTS
Overhaul hangar:
A7-006 		MB326H 		2OCU
A7-021 		MB326H 		CFS
A7-024 		MB326H
A7-047 		MB326H 		Chief of Air Staff
A19-033 	CT4
A52-600 	Mosquito 	(under restoration)
A79-623 	Vampire T35
A79-666/04	Vampire T35	(dismantled)

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