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Pearce 1993

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Date: 28 November 1993

Made by:


A79-60/303	      Vampire T35  pres

A4-208		      DHC-4	   38sq
A7-002, A7-010	      MB326H	   25sq
A7-015, A7-090	      MB326H	   25sq
A7-096		      MB326H	   25sq
A8-143		      RF-111C	   6sq
A23-010, A23-061      PC-9	   2FTS
A97-002		      C-130H	   26sq

Hangar (closed):
A23-016, A23-018      PC-9	   2FTS
A23-024, A23-052      PC-9	   2FTS

Singapore AF hangar:
341, 340, 347	      S211	   RSiAF/130sq
349, 380, 382	      S211	   RSiAF/130sq
394, 395, 398	      S211	   RSiAF/130sq

2FTS hangar:
A23-005, A23-028      PC-9	   2FTS

25sq hangar:
A7-025, A7-048	      MB326H	   25sq
A7-053		      MB326H	   25sq
A7-084      	      MB326H	   25sq, instr.

Helicopter platform:
A7-042                MB326H       25sq        instr
A7-066                MB326H       25sq on truck
A7-094, A7-095        MB326H       25sq
A23-002, A23-008      PC-9         2FTS
A23-022, A23-063      PC-9         2FTS
A23-067               PC-9         2FTS

344, 345, 389         S211         RSiAF/130sq
392, 393              S211         RSiAF/130sq
A7-009, A7-024        MB326H       25sq
A7-044, A7-057        MB326H       25sq
A7-081                MB326H       25sq
A23-004, A23-009      PC-9         2FTS
A23-014, A23-017      PC-9         2FTS
A23-019, A23-025      PC-9         2FTS
A23-030, A23-048      PC-9         2FTS
A23-059, A23-060      PC-9         2FTS
VH-ANH                CT/4A        "A19-042"
VH-BBV                Ce411
VH-CFD                Ce441
VH-CIN                C-47B        "OM-N"
VH-FAS                DH.82        "A17-37:
VH-FKF                F28-1000     Ansett WA
VH-FLC                Chipmunk T10 "WP792"
VH-JJP                BAe146       Ansett WA
VH-KCG                AusterJ54-A2
VH-LAI                S.76A        RAAFResc/Lloyd Av
VH-RHW                Chipmunk T10 "WB677"
VH-RWI                Chipmunk T10
VH-TRF                CT/4A        "A19-072"
VH-TVG                AS550
VH-UAO                DH.Moth      "A7-9"
VH-WIU                CA-25 Winjeel"A85-461"

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