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Pearce 2012

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RAAF Pearce Air Show
Date: 19-20 May 2012
A7-041 MB-326H pres  
A27-30 Hawk Mk127LIF 79sq $
A21-38 F/A-18A 75sq  
A23-016 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A30-001 B-737 AEW 2sq  
A32-437 King Air 350 38sq  
A32-339 King Air 350 32sq  
A41-207 C-17A 36sq  
A44-202, A44-215 F/A-18F 1sq  
A97-441 C-130J 37sq  
N24-001/70 S-70B 816sq  
9108, 9109 PC-21 130sq  
730 C-130H 122sq AFRC
62-3543 KC-135R 459th ARW  
VH-AYU Nanchang CJ-6A (4532020)    
VH-FCE Nanchang CJ-6A (3932014)    
VH-NNV Nanchang CJ-6A (5432024)    
N42MY Grumman G64? (148329)    
VH-DPV CT-4A ex RAAF A19-038  
VH-NTJ “A83-443” CA-25 ex RAAF A85-407  
VH-FID Beech D18    
VH-XBS Chipmunk 22 ex RTAF B.F9-37/95  
VH-WWA AT-6A ex USAAf 41-16716  
VH-ZAZ Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WG429  
VH-LHN, VH-LHY S-76A RAAF Rescue  
A79-620 Vampire T35 Under Restoration  
A7-027 MB-326H pres  
A8-141 F-111C Escape Pod(w/o oct 78)  
A37-001 CL-604 34sq  
A39-003 KC-30A 33sq  
Flying only
60-0033/MT B-52H 23rd BS 20
60-0003/MT B-52H 23rd BS  
A41-210 C-17A 36sq  
A97-007 C-130H 37sq  
A9-751 AP-3C 10sq?  
Flight line PC-9/A, CFS/Roulettes
A23-046, A23-057, A23-058, A23-059, A23-060, A23-061, A23-067
Singapore AF Sun Shed B
9101, 9106, 9107 PC-21 130sq  
9113, 9114 PC-21 130sq  
Singapore AF Sun Shed C
9102, 9103, 9105 PC-21 130sq  
9110, 9115, 9116 PC-21 130sq  
9117, 9118, 9119 PC-21 130sq  
Sun Shed 4:
A23-011, A23-021 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-024, A23-041 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-043 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
Sun Shed 5:
A23-003, A23-008 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-017, A23-019 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-033 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
Sun Shed 6:
A27-13, A27-17 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq  
A27-03, A27-34 Hawk MK127LIF 79sq  
Second Row of Sun Sheds:
A23-006, A23-009 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-013, A23-028 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-040, A23-053 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-054, A23-065 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A27-33 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq  
2F TS Hangar (Closed)
A23-014, A23-018 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-023, A23-025 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-026 A23-036 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-056 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
Fighter Ramp:
A21-26 A21-28 F/A-18A 2 OCU  
A21-6 F/A-18A 3sq  
A21-23 A21-36 F/A-18A 75sq  
A21-44 F/A-18A 75sq  
A44-210 F/A-18F 1sq  
79 Sqn Hangar Area:
A27-01, A27-24 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq  
A27-31 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq  
A27-12, A27-15 Hawk Mk127LIF 79sq  
A27-16, A27-23 Hawk Mk127LIF 79sq  
A23-001, A23-002 PC-9/A 2 FTS  
A23-015, A23-034 PC-9/A 2 FTS  


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