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Richmond 1991

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Date: 11-13 October 1991

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

A1-406 			Bell 47G                                 
A2-310 		        UH-1H 		Army/SAA                           
A4-159 		        DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A4-199                  DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A4-208 		        DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A4-... 		        DHC-4 		38Sqdn	 logged as A4-229, but does noet exist
A6-12/VH-AFX 	        Avro 643 Cadet                           
A7-9/VH-UAO 	        DH60G                                    
A7-023 		        MB326H 		2FTS
A7-035 		        MB326H 		2FTS
A7-088 		        MB326H 		2FTS
A7-092 			MB326H 		76Sqdn
A8-112 		        F-111A 		6Sqdn 
A9-659 		        P-3C 		11Sqdn  
A10-602 	        HS748 		32Sqdn 
A11-55/VH-ALS 	        Auster III   
A17-020 		Bell 206B-1 	Army/SAA
A17-26/VH-AQJ 		DH82A
A17-111/VH-RNI 		DH82A
A17-725/VH-PFL 		DH82A
A19-051 		CT4A 		1FTS 
A19-062 		CT4A 		1FTS 
A20-652/VH-WIR 		Wirraway III
A21-57 			F-18A 		3Sqdn
A23-034 		PC-9 		CFS
A25-219 		S-70A 		Army/SAA
A52-600 		Mosquito 	(under restoration)
A58-758/VH-HET 		Spitfire XVI
A65-71/VH-CIN 		C-47 		"OM-N"
A65-86 			C-47 		ARDU
A68-104/VH-BOB 		Mustang XXI       
A68-107/VH-AUB          Mustang XXI       
A68-118/VH-AGJ          Mustang XXI       
A79-636/VH-HLF          Vampire T35 	RAAFHF
A84-229/N229CA 		Canberra B2
A85-401/VH-NTY          Winjeel           
A85-411 		Winjeel 	76Sqdn
A85-436/VH-WIJ 		Winjeel
A85-440/VH-HFM          Winjeel
"A85-443"/VH-NTJ 	Winjeel 	(really A85-407)
A85-445/VH-JJG 		Winjeel
A85-450/VH-HOY          Winjeel
A85-460/VH-HWI          Winjeel
A89-273/VH-IOY          SP-2E  
A94-970 		Sabre 		(airframe shell only)
A94-983/VH-PCM 		Sabre Mk32 	RAAFHF
A97-190 		C-130E 		37Sqdn
"A98-350" 		Cessna 180
N9-3104/VH-NVV 		UH-1C 		FAAHF
52-152333/VH-NVX 	S-2G 		"844" FAAHF
N16-124 		Sea King Mk50 	817Sqdn "09"
N17-006                 Bell 206B-1 	723Sqdn "896" 
N22-017                 AS350B 		723Sqdn "864"      
N24-003                 S-70B 		SITU
N24-016                 S-70B 		SITU
NZ2782 			Fk27-100 	RNZAF NATTS            
NZ6209                  A-4K 		RNZAF 2Sqdn                
NZ6244                  TA-4K 		RNZAF 2Sqdn               
NZ6465                  MB339C 		RNZAF 14Sqdn             
NZ7272                  B727 		RNZAF 40Sqdn (not on 11/10)
NZ7623                  Andover C1 	RNZAF 42Sqdn         
69-0017 		C-5A 		337MAS/AFRES
N8187Z/147566 		P2V-7 		(not on 11/10)
VH-ALF/42-32134 	Argus III
VH-BPG/607 		Lim-3
VH-CRC/23 		AT-6C
VH-DCZ/WB683 		Chipmunk             
VH-ESP/WG357            Chipmunk             
VH-HFG/WJ298            Sea Fury FB11 	"K-308"
VH-HVD/NZ1075 		AT-6D
VH-KTH/AK752 		Kittyhawk I
VH-LQS/51-12245 	O-1 		"BG"
VH-MBA/NX500 		Auster IIIF
VH-NAW/138272 		T-28B
VH-NEA/41-15561 	PT-22 		"I-342"
VH-NNA/2132048 		Nanchang CJ-6
VH-RPT/41-1918 		PT-22 		"552"
VH-SFY/NZ934 		AT-6D
VH-SHT/138259 		T-28B 		"G-761"
VH-SNJ/NZ1085 		AT-6D
VH-USN/90624 		SNJ-5B 		"69"
(VH-USR)/"93555" 	AT-6D
VH-USS/90663 		SNJ-5B 		"WB"
VH-XNZ/NZ1024 		AT-6D
VH-YAP/"51-12288" 	O-1A 		(ex 51-4883)
VH-ZIT 			Chipmunk 	"02"	38Sqdn
A4-204 			DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A4-234 			DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A4-284                  DHC-8 		(fuselage only)                    
A8-113                  F-111C 		6Sqdn
A8-114                  F-111C 		6Sqdn
A8-146                  RF-111C 	6Sqdn                            
A10-595 		HS748 		32Sqdn
A10-607 		HS748 		32Sqdn (not on 11/10)
A10-608 		HS748 		32Sqdn
A17-038                 Bell 206B-1 	(not on 11/10)                        
A20-103                 B707 		33Sqdn
A20-624                 B707 		33Sqdn
A20-629                 B707 		33Sqdn
A21-25 			F-18A 		2OCU
A21-40 			F-18A 		2OCU
A21-106 		F-18B 		2OCU
A22-004 		AS350B 		ADFHS
A22-011 		AS350B 		ADFHS
A23-031 		PC-9 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-032 		PC-9 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-033 		PC-9 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-038 		PC-9 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-042 		PC-9 		CFS/Roulettes
A23-043 		PC-9 		CFS/Roulettes
A26-077 		DA900 		34Sqdn (not on 11/10)
A85-426                 Winjeel 	76Sqdn
A97-209                 C-130A 		(GI airframe minus outer wings & fin)
A97-159                 C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-168                 C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-171                 C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-177                 C-130E 		37Sqdn (after 11/10 only)
A97-178                 C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-180                 C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-...                 C-130E 		37Sqdn logged as A97-179, but does not exist
VH-ZOT/WG482 		Chipmunk 	"01"
"5321" 			Bristol Scout replica
MK452 			Spitfire IXC

A4-231 			DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A97-168 		C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-002 		C-130H 		36Sqdn

A4-179 			DHC-4 		38Sqdn
A4-195 			DHC-4 	
A97-181                 C-130E 		37Sqdn
A97-001 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-003 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-004 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-005 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-006 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-007 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-008 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-009 		C-130H		36Sqdn
A97-012 		C-130H		36Sqdn
NZ6205 			A-4K 		RNZAF 2Sqdn
NZ6254 			TA-4K 		RNZAF 2Sqdn
76-0163 		C-12A 		US Embassy (12/10 only)

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