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Richmond 2006

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Date: 20-22 October 2006

Made by:


273, 275		AS532UL			RSiAF/126sq
05-5152/HH		C-17A	                535th AS   
A2-773			UH-1H	                SoAA       
A4-140, A4-152		DHC-4A	                38sq       
A8-129			F-111C	                1sq        
A8-271, A8-274		F-111G	                6sq        
A9-664			P-3C	                11sq       
A17-040			CA-32/Bell 206B-1 	SoAA
A20-623, A20-629	B707-338C		33sq
A21-2, A21-3, A21-7	F/A-18A			77sq           
A21-31			F/A-18A	                77sq (75sq mks)
A21-46, A21-51		F/A-18A	                77sq           
A21-105			F/A-18B	                77sq           
A21-109			F/A-18B	                77sq (2OCU mks)
A23-020			PC-9/A(F)		FACDU
A23-039, A23-051	PC-9/A			CFS/Roulettes
A23-058, A23-059	PC-9/A	                CFS/Roulettes
A23-064			PC-9/A	                CFS/Roulettes
A25-101, A25-107	S-70A-9			171sq Richmond Det.
A25-102, A25-108	S-70A-9			SoAA
A25-203			S-70A-9			171sq Richmond Det.
A27-03, A27-20		Hawk 127LIF		76sq           
A27-26			Hawk 127LIF	        76sq (79sq mks)
A32-339			Beech 350	        32sq           
A36-002			B737-7DT	        34sq           
A97-002, A97-003	C-130H		        36sq           
A97-008, A97-009	C-130H	                36sq           
A97-010			C-130H	                36sq           
A97-167			C-130E	                i/a, AMTDU     
A97-440, A97-442	C-130J-30	        37sq           
A97-450, A97-467	C-130J-30	        37sq           
N22-020/820		AS350B			723sq     
N22-021/821		AS350B	                723sq     
N22-022/822		AS350B	                723sq     
N24-004/(8)73		S-70B-2	                816sq     
N24-008/(8)77		S-70B-2	                816sq     
VH-AWA			DH-82A	                ex A17-692
VH-EAF	                C-47B	                ex A65-94 
VH-HET	                Spitfire HF8		ex A58-602
VH-IOY	                SP-2H			ex A89-273        
VH-MBX	                Meteor F8		ex A77-851
VH-SVU	                P-51D			ex A68-750        
VH-VAM	                Vampire T35		ex A79-617
VH-ZSQ "A84-234"	Canberra TT18		ex RAF WJ860

A97-004, A97-007	C-130H			36sq
A97-012			C-130H			36sq
A97-448			C-130J-30		37sq

Paintshop White canvas hangar:
A97-006			C-130H			36sq

A97-168, A97-190	C-130E			i/a, AMTDU
A4-164, A4-179		DHC-4A			i/a, AMTDU

EADS hangar:
A9-658			P-3C			11sq	outside
1x			P-3C			nn

A4-264			DHC-4A			dump
A8-141			F-111C			escape module only
A20-627			B707-338C		std

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